• Karen Nyamu went LIVE on TikTok while driving herself and Kenyans could not help but noticed she did not have a bra on

• Kenyans on Twitter bashed Karen Nyamu for not behaving in a honourable manner

Netizens have taken to social media to bash and blast nominated Nairobi Senator Karen Nyamu for embarrassing Kenyan leaders and their “subjects” online.

A free spirit herself, Karen Nyamu on Tuesday, October 31, gave her TikTok followers a rare treat after exposing her mammary glands for all and sundry to see.

The politician jumped on the viral #TirriesTuesday trend as she went live and flashed her sagging b**bs to thousands of her fans and followers on the video platform.

Karen Nyamu stunned Kenyans on social media with her teasing TikTok LIVE video. Photo: Standard.

Honourable Karen Nyamu The Socialite

In the video, Karen Nyamu can be seen driving herself while rocking a sports wear which openly exposed her br*asts.

Looking at the video, one can clearly see the politician had no bra on as she teased her followers with her “Baby’s food” storage unit.

Karen Nyamu even confessed that she was not wearing bras and that Kenyan men should enjoy the view before she could press her b**bs in a pair of bra.

“Enjoy Tirries Tuesday kabla nivae bra,” Karen Nyamu captioned her TikTok post.

Well, a number of Kenyans especially men were moved by her car striptease and duly camped on the comments section of her video post to gush over her on end.

However, a multitude of Kenyans, including her very own fans were irked by his LIVE and made it their sole mission to tell her off for embarrassing herself, local leaders and Kenyans in general on social media.

A host of netizens took to different social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to reprimand the nominated UDA senator for pulling a not so motherly move.

Quite a multitude of social media users wondered how Karen Nyamu with her deficiency in leadership even debates with brains such as Okiya Omutata, Edwin Sifuna and the Ilk in Senate.

Being a mum of three children herself, Kenyans insisted that Karen Nyamu was embarrassing Kenyan mothers with such theatrics on social media.

Read Comments From Kenyans Below;

According to countless of Karen Nyamu’s critics, she should be busy debating pertinent issues in Senate to help fellow women and inspire young girls looking up to her while at it instead of morphing into a socialite.

Many are times Karen Nyamu has found herself in a tight spot over her actions, pronouncations and general behavior in public and on social media.

From being labelled a homewrecker to a drunkard, Karen Nyamu has indeed dealt with a sizeable amount of hate from Kenyans both online and offline.

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