• The unidentified motorcycle rider and his lady passenger’s left jaws on the floor with their dare-devil stunts

• The gory video was captured along the ever busy Thika Superhighway

• Kenyans on social media were irked by the rider and his dare-devil stunts which endangered his life and those of other road users

Kenyans from different walks of lives have taken to social media to condemn the dangerous acts pulled by a motorbike rider along the ever busy Thika Superhighway.

It is not yet clear if the video was captured recently or it is old but the life-threatening stunts pulled by the fearless rider left jaws on the floor.

In a video that has fast gone viral, the rider who was carrying a young girl on the passenger’s seat is seen trying some dangerous stunts as he rode his bike along the Thika Superhighway.

The motorcycle rider was seen pulling dangerous stunts along Thika Superhighway. Photo: Courtesy.

The action which was documented around Allsoaps, left many netizens stunned as they feared for the rider and his passenger’s lives.

YEIYO.com accessed the gory video exclusively and shared it with thousands of fans on social media and clearly, not many were impresses by the dare-devil moves perpetrated by the seemingly careless rider.

Judging by the video and the lady passenger’s reaction, it is cristal clear the latter was worried and feared for her life as the rider showed off his skills.

A throng of netizens who came across the video could not fathom how very young people could risk their lives in that manner.

To add insult to injury, neither the rider nor the lady passenger had safety gear such as helmets on.

Looking at the video, one cannot help but wonder if indeed the rider and his passenger really care for their lives.

Countless social media users called on police and other road safety authorities to track down the driver who not only endangered his life with the stunts but also those of others, including the lady passenger’s and the general public, in this case, road users.

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This, however, is not the first time a motorbike rider was captured on camera pulling dangerous stunts on busy roads, endangering the lives of other road users, not to mention their own.

Many scary videos of dare-devil motorbike riders have in the past found their way into the interwebs in moves that caused public outrage.

In most cases, authorities stepped in and cracked the whip on such drivers, including bringing them to book.

It is therefore a matter of time before concerned authorities track down the latest careless rider and make him accountable for his actions.

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