• Haters manipulated the Bahati’s family photo and insinuated their children were hired by other men

• Kenyans did not take the disrespect lightly as they told off critics and condemned them for involving Bahati’s kids in their drama

Kenyan both on and off social media have come out to show support to Bahati, his wife Diana Marua and their family after critics took to social media to maul the lady over her previous romantic relationships.

A multitude of Kenyans online could not take it as a section of netizens took to social media to mock both Bahati and Diana over her previous alleged lovers such as footballer Victor Wanyama.

Diana Marua posted a lovely photo of her family. Photo: Diana Marua/Instagram.

The whole debacle was started on Saturday, August 19, just hours after Diana Marua posted a family photo of herself, hubby and three of their children.

Some rabble rousing Kenyans edited the photos and added images of Victor Wanyama, KRG The Don and Abel Mutua, side by side with Bahati and Diana’s children, alleging they are the kids’ biological fathers.

Vicious netizens took to X (Twitter) to mock Bahati for settling down with “used goods”, Diana Marua whom they accused of sleeping around before marrying the Mama hitmaker.

As usual, many people dragged both Bahati and Diana online because of the manipulated photo.

A manipulated photo of the Bahatis. Photo: UGC.

However, this time, unlike many other times an army of Kenyans rallied behind the Bahatis and defended the family with their lives as they told off their haters.

Many who took the Bahatis side insisted critics crossed the line by including their children and other people in the whole drama since they are innocent.

Bahati and Diana’s defenders held that people attacking the two should focus the two and leave out their children and other people who are not concerned or involved in their showbiz.

Netizens urged critics to keep Bahati and Diana’s kids off their drama. Photo: Bahati Kenya/Facebook.

The debate was so heated that Bahati, Diana, Victor Wanyama and KRG The Don trended on X(Twitter) for the part of the past weekend.

This was not the first time Diana Marua was linked to Victor Wanyama.

For some time now, people have been claiming Morgan Bahati is Wanyama’s son owing to their striking resemblance and Diana’s involvement with the football player in the past, allegations both Marua and Wanyama have been shutting down vehemently.

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