• Mutahi Ngunyi said that LGBTQ is here to stay and Kenyans should accept it

• The political analyst insisted that Kenyans should let members of the LGBTQ be and not fight it

• Mutahi’s sentiments rubbes millions of Kenyans the wrong way and they could not help

• Some even asked him to move to countries that allow LGBTQ practices instead of ‘forcing’ Kenyans to accept the same

The Fifth Estate boss Mutahi Ngunyi has rubbed Kenyans the wrong way after asking them to accept the fact that LGBTQ is here to stay.

The political analyst had to look for somewhere to hide as KOT picked a bone to chew with him over his Pro-LGBTQ sentiments.

Taking to his official Twitter account on the night of Friday, April 15, Mutahi claimed that LGBTQ is here to stay and Kenyans should learn to live with it.

According to Mutahi Ngunyi, members of the LGBTQ community should be allowed to thrive as long as they don’t infringe anyone’s rights.

The political analyst insisted that Kenyans should exercise the tolerance of choice.

“My random TRUTH on LGBTQ+. It will NOT go away. And you cannot POLICE the MORALITY of humans. Kenyans should CLIMB DOWN from their HIGH HORSE of morality. We MUST ACCEPT it is here with us. We must EXERCISE the TOLERANCE of CHOICE. And if it does not AFFECT you, turn a BLIND EYE.” Mutahi Ngunyi tweeted.

As much as everyone has a right of expression, quite a number of Kenyans, especially on social media could not echo his sentiments, with many dragging him online on end.

A throng of Kenyans insisted that same sex relationships are not only prohibited in religious books but also by the government.

A host of them concluded that he may be on a payroll to push the LGBTQ agenda in Kenya.

Judging by countless comments on his tweet, it is clear millions of Kenyans are not ready to allow LGBTQ thrive in Kenya.

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