• Kenyans on Twitter did not express even a drop of pity on Zimbabweans as they dragged them online on end

• Zimbabweans threw in the towel but Kenyans could not let them go without some serious damages

• Kenyans on Twitter are currently world’s force online battalion feared by many including Nigerians and South Africans

Kenyans may have failed in a number of issues, including governance but the lot has never lost it when it comes to online wars.

This has been proven countless times with their recent online scuffle with Zimbabweans giving them additional bragging rights.

Yeiyo.com has learnt Kenyans and Zimbabweans on Friday, April 28, engaged each other in an online battle that saw the latter surrender barely hours after the war started.

Kenyans on Twitter bashed Zimbabweans until they threw in the towel. Photo: Reuters.

It is not yet clear what triggered the online debate between Kenyans and Zimbabweans but their head-to-head battle carried the better part of Friday.

As usual, it all started with citizens from the competing countries throwing shade at each other, with all trying to prove their countries are better than the others.

Zimbabweans tried their best but Kenyans on Twitter proved to be a force to reckon with in the Twitter space.

Zimbabweans admitted Kenyans on Twitter are the worst people to play with. Photo: Zalebs.

Kenyans mercilessly dragged Zimbabwe and its citizens by bashing them on end using real life banters.

The heat was so much that majority of Zimbabweans threw in the towel.

However, Kenyans could not let them go scotts free as they kept on pounding them as they claimed the tittle for Africa’s fiercest online battalion.

It should be noted Kenyans have in the past been up in arms with other countries in countless online battles that saw them emerge victorious.

From South Africans to Nigerians, netizens from other countries have always feared the Kenyans on Twitter gang which has never lost any international battle.

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