• Amber Ray posted a video showing how Kennedy Rapudo bought her a wig worth KSh 420,000

• The major purchase came barely days after Rapudo was rumoured to be broke

• Mavericks Aoko had earlier claimed Rapudo was broke and had been forced to take a KSh 8 million loan to sustain Amber Ray

Businessman Kennedy Rapudo has for the umpteenth time flexed his flexed his wallet, all in a bid to prove to the world that he is not broke as it had earlier been alleged.

This, Kennedy Rapudo made possible by breaking the bank to buy his baby mama Amber Ray a super expensive wig, not long after giving him a daughter.

YEIYO.com has learnt that Kennedy Rapudo recently treated socialite Amber Ray to a wig worth a whopping KSh 420,000, just because he can.

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo welcomed a bouncing baby girl recently. Photo: Courtesy.

News about the purchase of the expensive wig was first made public by Amber Ray through a “braggadocious” social media post sighted by this writer.

Amber Ray, who recently welcomed a bouncing baby girl shared a video of therself winning a challenge presented to her by Kennedy Rapudo and actually actualizing the same.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but mtu wako aki decide anataka kukuspoil head over to Luxury Hair By Angie. I was really spoilt for choice. Best hair in Kenya. #BibiYaTajiri,” Amber Ray captioned the video.

A throng of Amber Ray’s fans were stunned by the “billionaires” treat and duly camped on the comments section of her post to gush over her on end as they congratulated Kennedy Rapudo for treating the mother of two like a real queen and the boss lady she is.

However, a section of social media users had contrary opinion about Amber Ray’s expensive wig.

Quite a multitude wondered how Rapudo afforded the wig owing to the fact that he had earlier been called out for being bankrupt.

As earlier reported by YEIYO.com, social media commentator Mavericks Aoko exposed Kennedy Rapudo as a wannabee and a broke guy trying so hard to prove a point by “managing” Amber Ray’s expensive lifestyle.

In a tweet seen by YEIYO.com, Aoko fearlessly claimed that Rapudo was broke and had been forced to borrow money from friends to maintain his baby mama’s flamboyant lifestyle.

According to Aoko, Rapudo had depleted his savings and was forced to borrow KSh 8 million from friends so he can keep on maintaining Amber Ray’s lifestyle.

It is not yet clear if Aoko’s claims were legit or not but Rapudo clearly shut her down with his recent treat to his baby mama, Amber Ray.


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