• Twitter noisemaker Maverick Aoko claimed Kennedy Rapudo recently borrowed KSh 8 million to sustain Amber Ray

• Amber Ray and were recently blessed with a bouncing baby girl

• The socialite had disclosed she spends over KSh 300,000 per day

Internationally-acclaimed rapper Khaligraph Jones, through his song Hao, made it categorically clear that being a celebrity in Kenya is an uphill task.

This has been evident through the lifestyles of many local celebrities who have had to deal with a lot of issues, including scandals and controversies.

The latest public figure to feel the heat is social Amber Ray’s fiance, flamboyant businessman Kennedy Rapudo.

Amber Ray and Rapudo welcomed a bouncing baby girl recently. Photo: UGC.

The businessman, whose source of income has been a mystery for some time now is said to have been struggling to keep up with Amber Ray’s expensive lifestyle.

The businessman was recently forced to borrow a KSh 8 million loan from a friend just to maintain his baby mama’s rich lifestyle, it is alleged.

The allegations were first made public by mouthy social media commentator Maveric Aoko through her Twitter account on Friday, June 9.

In a tweet seen by YEIYO.com, Aoko alleged that Rapudo has been going through a hard time trying to cope with Amber Ray’s celebrity lifestyle.

It is alleged Rapudo recently borrowed KSh 8 million to afford Amber Ray’s lifestyle. Photo: Courtesy.

According to Aoko, Amber should just have stuck by Jimal Roho Safi or Zaheer who are genuinely rich instead of rushing to Kennedy Rapudo who is not as rich as he seems.

“Amber Ray’s husband… Rapudo has no shiet. Juzi ameomba 8M from a close friend. Angebaki tu na Jamal or that wash wash Kisii MP. Na si atulize kundu kwanza anyonyeshe…” Aoko tweeted.

Mavericks made the claims through her Twitter page. Photo: Maverick Aoko/Twitter.

It is not yet clear if Aoko’s claims are legit or just rumours but judging by his recent exposés, the former could be true.

YEIYO.com tried to reach out to Rapudo for his side of the story but our calls went unanswered.

It should be noted that Rapudo and Amber were recently blessed with a bouncing baby girl.

Following the birth of their daughter, the two have been serving parenting goals on social media as they share every moment of their parenthood online.

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