• Kelechi Africana has gone on an unfriending spree on Facebook

• He disclosed that most Coast celebrities are hypocrites and do not add any value to his life

• Kelechi Africana started with unfriending P Day Hurricane and promised to unfollow Susumila, Happy C and other fake friends

Celebrated Coast singer Kelechi Africana has caused a melee on social media after calling out his industry colleagues for being a bunch of hypocrites and fake friends.

Kelechi, known for his hard-hitting sentiments on Monday, July 10, revealed that he will be unfollowing all Coast-based artistes whom he claimed add no value to his brand and career as a musician.

In a series of Facebook posts seen by YEIYO.com, Kelechi Africana made it clear that he will not only be unfriending fellow artistes but also anyone who does not support craft.

Kelechi Africana said Coast artistes are hypocrites. Photo: Kelechi Africana/YouTube.

“Hata mka like watu wawili hamnisumbui akili yangu washenzi nyinyi na naanza kuwa unfriend nyote uwe msaniii uwe nani utajua mwenyewe,” Kelechi Africana posted on Facebook.

To confirm to his followers that he is serious, Kelechi Africana through a subsequent post shared a video showing him unfollowing fellow Mombasa musicians P Day Hurricane.

In his caption, the Woman hitmaker informed his fans that next in line will be Susumila and Happy C who have not been adding any value to his life.

“Sitaki wanafiki kwenye account yangu so wacha nianze na huyu muuza maji Pday Pday Hurrikane next ni susumila na happy c hawana maana yoyote kwenye maisha yangu.” He posted.

Kelechi Africana’s posts excited netizens, especially lovers and supporters of the Coast entertainment industry.

In a surprising twist, most people who commented on his posts supported him holding that fake friends should always be cut off.

A section of social media users, mostly Mombasa residents lauded Kelechi Africana for always making sure the 001 entertainment industry keeps making national and regional headlines.

The latest development unfolded barely two months after Kelechi Africana flew off the handle in an unprecedented online rant against fellow Coast artistes that got everyone talking.

In his rants, Kelechi leveled serious accusations against the likes of Happy C, Susumila, P Day Hurricane among others.

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