• Kelechi Africana made it clear that he has never had problems or personal beefs with fellow Coast stars

• The musician disclosed that he would really love to include his colleagues in his upcoming album

• This came barely months after Kelechi launched scathing attacks against fellow Mombasa artistes online

Viral Nairobi-based Coast musician Kelechi Africana has impressed many music lovers after dropping hints that he had squashed the beef he had with fellow Coast artistes.

The musician who has in the recent past been blasting his colleagues on social media made a U-Turn and picked peace over violence in a bid to catapult the Mombasa entertainment industry.

Kelechi Africana said he is willing to work with fellow Mombasa musicians on his upcoming album. Photo: UGC.

Taking to his Facebook page on Monday, July 17, the Nimechoka crooner suggested that he is very willing and ready to work with fellow Coast stars.

Through his post, Kelechi disclosed that it will make him a happy man to have some of Coast’s top artistes in his upcoming album.

It is not yet clear why the sudden change of heart but Kelechi hinted that he is more interested in proving to his colleagues who is the President of Coast Music Industry.

Kelechi made it categorically clear that he would specifically love to work with Susumila on his upcoming album so that he can teach him a thing or two about music business.

The musician wrapped up by confirming that he has no problem or personal beefs with fellow artistes.

“Nataka kila msanii wa mombasa awe kwa album yangu alafu nitawaeleza why i am the president—hata Susumila ntampa collabo na nimwandikie —sina shida nikimfundisha mawili matatu kakaangu —ama namna gani. 🤣🤣🤣 Bwiii. #SINAUBAYA

https://youtu.bI8JbapQE ,” Kelechi wrote.

Kelechi Africana’s announcement pleased countless Kenyans who camped on the comments section of his post to laud him for showing maturity of the highest order.

It is worth to noting that Kelechi has in the previous weeks been dragging fellow 001 artistes online, holding that they are all lazy and none can beat him as far as music talent and business is concerned.

His sudden change of heart definitely shocked many of his fans who never saw it coming considering his recent unending tantrums on social media.

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