• Kelechi Africana claimed he is Coast’s crème de la crème musician thanks to the many achievements he has

• He insisted that Masauti is not the best because he rose after being supported by rich Kenyans such as Jalang’o

• Kelechi noted he deserves the crown because he is self-made and made it to the top on his own

For the longest time now, there have been debates in who is Mombasa’s number one artiste.

Different artistes came out to claim the crown but one in particular remained adamant and insisted that no other artiste from Mombasa has done well for himself, musically.

Nairobi-based Mombasa star Kelechi Africana recently took to social media to reiterate that he is the best there is as far as successful Coast artistes are concerned.

Kelechi Africana claimed he is the best musician Coast has ever produced. Photo: Mdundo.

The Just Fleek Media CEO on Saturday, June 25, blasted fellow musician Masauti and everyone who has been supporting him.

Kelechi Africana, known for his lose mouth categorically stated that he is Mombasa’s 001 artiste, having achieved much success in the industry compared to his colleagues.

In a Facebook post seen by YEIYO.com, Kelechi Africana crowned himself the King of Coast music as he trashed fellow star Masauti.

According to Kelechi, Masauti cannot take the number one position owing to the fact that he made it in the music industry through sponsorships and assistance from well-to-do supporters of Kenyan music like MP Jalang’o.

Kelechi Africana has been attacking fellow Coast artistes online on end. Photo: Kelechi Africana/Ring/YouTube.

In his own words, Masauti would have died of depression and would not have achieved anything without pity from supporters.

Kelechi Africana, in a braggadocio manner insisted he deserves the top spot because he is self-made and rose the ranks to become the best in the region all by himself and without support from anyone.

The musician added that he has more achievements compared to any other artiste from Mombasa, including Masauti, Susumila and the rest.

“Eti masauti ndio msanii gani sijui wacheni kufikiria kama ushuzi baada ya kula maharage mashenzi nyinyi —-MASAUTI si alikuwa yuwafurukuta akasaidiwa na jalang’o ndio depression isimue juu alikuwa asha give up —kama sio collabo ya kaligraph mwenye aliniitisha 100k kufanya collabo nae sai ungekuwa wauza maji kule kwenu likoni shenzi —mimi nimetembeza ring with no collabos—ive produced my own songs na zika hit—im the only artist mwenye song ya one minute na imehit ambayo ni love Me #BWIII mindio rais —mashabiki ushuzi mnipe heshima—i have more achievements than you fucking favourite artists fools,” Kelechi Africana wrote.

Just recently, YEIYO.com reported how Kelechi Africana flew off the handle with incessant rants and attacks aimed at fellow Mombasa musicians.

In a series of social media posts and media interviews, Kelechi claimed he is the best and the richest artiste from Mombasa, even as he shamelessly took jabs at his colleagues using endless unprintable insults.

While some netizens and music lovers agreed with him, his sentiments rubbed quite a multitude, including yours truly the wrong way.

Many urged him to remain humble despite his massive success and support fellow Coast artistes instead of belittling them.

Well, YEIYO.com cannot tell, rather the criteria he used to crown himself the King of Coast music but we leave it to music lovers from Mombasa to be the judge and jury.

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