• Kelechi Afrikana claimed musicians signed under 001 Music Label are nolonger popular

• The Nairobi-based Coast artiste exposed 001 Music singer Happy C has turned into homosexuality

• Kelechi’s attack against Happy C sparked mixed reactions on social media

For the longest time now, music stakeholders in the Coast Music Industry have been calling for unity among artistes, especially between popular hitmakers and upcoming.

For many, they believe the unity will bring about brotherhood through which artistes can help each other grow individual and collectively as an industry.

However, the opposite has been the order of the day with Coast artistes attacking each other on end, dwindling the once promising industry.

Kelechi claimed Happy C is gay. Photo: Kelechi Afrikana/Facebook.

The aforementioned was recently brought home by Ring crooner Kelechi African with his scathing attack against 001 Music signee, Happy C.

In an unexpected rant on Facebook, Kelechi tore into Happy C by exposing him as a member of the infamous LGBTQ+ community.

Kelechi, through an unforgiving post on his official Facebook page, confirmed indeed the era for 001 Music label is over, holding some of its artistes such as Happy C have already morphed into gays.

Happy C and Kelechi Afrikana have been beefing for months now. Photo: Baraka FM/Facebook.

“Kweli 001 imetoboka — 🤣🤣🤣 Ati happy c ni msenge — na ninaimani haezi kosa bwana — ama Mwaringa ndio anemfumua mana hana chawa mwengine —Oya jamaa mimi napenda wanawake vibaya sana —siezi acha kukula ikusi—,” Kelechi wrote.

His post sparked mixed reactions on social media with quite a number of people asking him to take a chill pill.

A multitude insisted he should hold Happy C’s hand and support him instead of vehemently going ham on him.

Others, however, seconded him and even went further to throw jabs at Happy C, with a host holding there is a lot he needs to do to retain his status in the much competitive music industry.

It is not yet clear where or how the beef between Kelechi and Happy C started but the same has caused more harm to both than good.

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