• Phil Karanja and Kate Actress confirmed the end of their marriage with a joint public statement

• The two disclosed they have parted ways but remain friends, business partners and co-parents

Former Tahidi High actor Phillip Karanja and his wife Kate Actress have officially ended their marriage.

The celebrity couple confirmed the end of their one-time prosperous marriage through their respective social media pages on Tuesday, September 19.

Phillip Karanja and Kate Actress both shared a short but precise joint public statement to announce their separation.

Kate Actress and Phil confirmed the end of their marriage with a joint statement. Photo: UGC.

According to the joint statement, the couple had come to the conclusion to end their marriage which actually happened a couple of months ago but made it public just recently.

Phil and Kate urged the public to accord them all the privacy they need even as they try to raise their two children, albeit separately.

The two confirmed they have been separated for quite some time now and have just been co-parenting.

“We came to a conclusion to end our marriage a long while ago and are separated. We sincerely request everyone to honour our wishes for privacy for us and our children,” the joint statement read.

Kate Actress and Phil asked the public to allow them some privacy for the sake of their two kids. Photo: Kate Actress/Instagram.

Both Phil and Kate broke the sad news through their respective Insta-stories updates.

To add on the joint statement, Kate Actress went on to disclose that their breakup was never a secret, only that they kept it private.

“Was never a secret, we just kept it private. To all our dear fans, Asanteni Sana for the support over the years,” Kate wrote on her Insta-stories.

Kate Actress said their breakup was never a secret. Photo: Kate Actress/Instagram.

Phil on his side wrapped up by assuring their fans and followers that they are still friends, business partners and co-parents to their son and daughter.

“Hii ni mambo ya watu wawili, but allow us to add you to the group chat kidogo, so we can proceed with our lives bila story mob. Kate Actress and I remain as Friends, Co-parents and Business Partners.” Phil wrote.

Phil disclosed he is still friends with Kate Actress. Photo: Phil Director/Instagram.

Phil and Kate’s confirmation on the dissolution of their marriage comes just a few months after it was reported their marriage was on the rocks.

News of their breakup was sparked by the couple themselves when they deleted photos of each other on their social media pages.

The two, however, somewhat shut down the breakup rumours by sharing videos and photos of themselves looking all loved up together, days after news of their separation.

Well, with their own public joint statement confirming the worst, it is now clear that indeed Phil and the former Mother-in-law actress Kate are no longer an item.

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