Justina Syokau Fearlessly Hits The Streets With Placard Looking For A Suitable Husband


• According to Justina Syokau’s placard, she wants a rich man for a husband, a billionaire to be precise

• Justina Syokau’s posts caused ripples online as countless men camped on the comments section to ask her for her hand in marriage

The looming “El-Nino” rains and the cold that follows seems to have scared sensational gospel songstress, Justina Syokau.

The curvaceous viral musician has come out to call on eligible Kenyan bachelors and others across the world to reach out to her for a possible marriage arrangement.

The Twendi Twendi hitmaker on Saturday, November 11, posted a video and photos of herself holding a placard requesting for suitable men to take her off the market.

Twendi Twendi star Justina Syokau asking Kenyan men to marry her. Photo: Justina Syokau/Facebook.

In a series of social media posts seen by YEIYO.com, the mother of one shared the qualifications of her ideal man as she urged interested parties to hit her inbox for further discussion about marriage.

Justina Syokau made it clear through her placard that she needs to get married before 2024.

Well, Justina Syokau may have sent out her plea but she was keen on letting the public know that she only needs billionaires to hit her up.

The bubbly songstress also reminded the public that she is looking forward towards getting married to men who are above 25 years of age.


“Niko Soko! Ready to get married before 2024. Qualifications: 1. Billionaire. 2. Age: 25 Years.” Justina Syokau’s placard read.

Justina Syokau’s posts caused ripples online as countless men camped on the comments section to ask her for her hand in marriage.

Others, especially jealousy women tried to rain on her parade by noting she is chasing clout with the marriage appeal.

The latest turn of events comes barely days after the lass took to social media to gush over singer Ringtone Apoko while ‘begging’ him to be her husband.

Justina Syokau had earlier been requesting singer Ringtone Apoko to marry her. Photo: Tuko News.

Ringtone Apoko did not honour Justina Syokau’s plea, rather her request with a response in a move that say her take to the streets to seek for an alternative.

It should be noted that Justina Syokau has in the past few years disclosed she is single and searching and invited eligible bachelors to shoot their shots.

The musician also disclosed via several media interviews that she has not had copulations for a couple of years now.

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