• Juacali said they had a number of hit songs under their belts but did not want to take to radio stations for airplay due to previous disappointments

• The Genge star could not thank Clemmo’s sister enough for pushing them to chase greatness

Legendary Genge artiste Juacali has yet again taken his time to thank and appreciate Calif Records producer Clement Rapudo alias Clemmo’s sister for helping them become the greatest music personalities they are today.

Juacali could not thank Clemmo’s sister enough for pushing them to chase their dreams despite the many challenges facing them then.

Juacali revealed that Clemmo’s sister forced them to take his song Ruka to radio stations for airplay. Photo: Courtesy.

Speaking during the second episode of his podcast Cali Cast, Juacali disclosed that it was Clemmo’s sister who encouraged them to take their songs to radio stations for airplay.

The father of three nostalgically reminisced how Clemmo’s sister specifically forced them to take their hit song Ruka to radio stations.

According to Juacali, Clemmo and himself had given up on chasing for airplay after experiencing a number of disappointments before.

Juacali shared the story through his podcast but still looped in even more Kenyans by posting the same on Twitter.

“Small siz wa Clemo Sylvia of Manzi wa Nairobi and Viletafanya fame is the one who forced us to take our 1st song RUKA to the Radio stations me na Clemo tulikua tunaogopa 😂😂😂😂😂 The CaliCast Ep2 || Story ya Ngoma Noma Kuruka is now LIVE on Youtube,” Juacali wrote.

Juacali went on to reveal that thanks to Clemmo’s sister’s nuging, they took the song to radio stations and as they say, the rest is history.

It was after a number of airplays on different local radio station that Juacali, Clemmo and the entire Calif Records started gaining impressive traction and eventually taking over the country and East Africa.

Of course, a number of people played great roles in ensuring Juacali and Clemmo progressed but the latter’s sister’s name will never go unmentioned in their struggle to success and fame.

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