Jowie Irungu Should Die Immediately, Black Cinderella Tells Government

Black Cinderella said the government should not waste time with Jowie's punishment. Photo: Courtesy.

Reality TV star turned Private Investigator Black Cinderella is in celebration following the court ruling that found Jowie Irungu guilty of business lady Monica Kimani’s murder.

Excited Black Cinderella could not contain her joy as she took to social media to laud the Judiciary and the police for finally getting it right.

In a post seen by on Black Cinderella’s official Instagram page, the mother of one posted a video of herself lauding the Kenyan courts for the ruling as she informed the world that the Kenyan government will not tolerate offenders.

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Black Cinderella said Jowie Irungu’s organs should be harvested and donated to poor Kenyans who need them. Photo: UGC.

Through her caption, the former socialite begged the government to punish Jowie Irungu immediately and not to waste time because the accused could appeal.

She pleaded with the government to harvest Jowie’s internal organs and donate them to sick and needy Kenyans who need the organs and cannot afford to buy them.

“The government should harvest the vital organs of Jowie Irungu and donate them to needy sick patients in society and dispose of the body now that he has been found guilty of murdering Monica Kimani. There is no need for any other sentencing because if we continue to give lenient penalties, we will continue to have men who think femicide is ok.” She captioned her video.

Her sentiments were supported by a number of her fans and followers especially women who held that Jowie should suffer the wrath of the sentence in full force and without being pitted.

Others, however, differed with Cinderella and reiterated that Jowie may have been found guilty of the murder but still has a chance and should be allowed to appeal.

The latest turn of events unfolded barely 12 hours after the High Court found Joseph Irungu alias Jowie guilty of the murder of businesswoman Monica Nyawira Kimani.

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High Court’s Lady Justice, Grace Nzioka ruled that the prosecution presented adequate evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Jowie indeed killed Monica Kimani.

However, Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe, who was a co-accused in the case was acquitted of the murder charge.

In her ruling, Lady Justice, Grace Nzioka noted that the count of murder was not the proper charge that the prosecution would have preferred against the scribe.

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