Jimal Roho Safi indirectly attacks Amber Ray’s new lover Kennedy Rapudo: “Show us your office”


• Jimal Roho Safi said it is irritating when people call themselves businessmen yet no one knows anything about their businesses

• His remarks come just days after Amber Ray’s new lover Kennedy Rapudo was forced to make public his businesses

• Rapudo had earlier been accused of surviving on wash wash business since no one knows what he really does

Amber Ray’s ex-lover, just like many Kenyans seems to be tired of people who flaunt wealth online but fail to inform the public about the source of their money.

The Mwananchi Credit CEO who is Amber Ray’s current ex wondered why some people call themselves businessmen yet no one knows anything about their businesses.

Jimal questioned the mental health of some people who claim to be running businesses yet they have never shown anyone their offices.

Jimal Roho Safi with Amber Ray during their dating days. Photo: UGC.

Through his short, yet piercing Instagram post, the father of three reiterated that such characters are very irritating.

“It’s irritating 😡 to call yourself a businessman while we don’t know what you do or your office,” Jimal Roho Safi wrote.

The businessman did not mention names but quite a number of netizens concluded he was taking jabs at Amber Ray’s new lover Kennedy Rapudo.

Just recently, Kennedy Rapudo was forced to defend himself following claims he was deep into the wash wash business which supports his flashy lifestyle.

Amber Ray with Kennedy Rapudo during her baby shower. Photo: Amber Ray/Instagram.

Rapudo, during an online interview days after the aforementioned rented the air confirmed he is an astute businessman with countless employees working for him.

According to Rapudo, he does not have to be in the office for his businesses to run.

The whole shenanigans come on the backdrop of a fierce expose by Maverick Aoko who called out Kennedy Rapudo for living a fake life.

As earlier reported by YEIYO.com, Aoko sensationally claimed Kennedy Rapudo is broke and had to beg friends for loans to maintain Amber Ray’s expensive lifestyle.

Aoko disclosed that Kennedy Rapudo had taken a loan equaling to KSh 8 million from his friends so that he can remain afloat.

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