• Jeff Mwathi’s mother’s through a phone interview with Massawe Japanni said she can never forgive DJ Fatxo

• DJ Fatxo could not hold back his tears after Jeff’s mother called him a killer

• The entertainer disclosed he is in so much pain after being accused of something he did not do

Embattled Mugithi musician DJ Fatxo has for the first time shown the world his soft and vulnerable side that many people are not familiar with.

DJ Fatxo on Monday, May 22, could not contain his tears during an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo after late Jeff Mwathi’s mother blatantly called him a cold-blooded killer.

The deejay turned musician was at Radio Jambo to clear the air after he was named as the main suspect in the Jeff Mwathi’s murder case.

DJ Fatxo swore he did not kill Jeff Mwathi. Photo: UGC.

All was well as DJ Fatxo tried to share with Kenyans about the night that led to Jeff Mwathi’s death until his host, Massawe Japanni phoned the deceased’s mother and informed her she was with the entertainer in studio.

The radio presenter asked Jeff’s mother if she can forgive DJ Fatxo and move on.

Well, without mincing her words, Jeff Mwathi’s mother made it clear that she can never forgive DJ Fatxo because he killed her son.

According to Mama Jeff, DJ Fatxo should have helped police nab the culprits if indeed he was innocent and wished well for the late and his family.

DJ Fatxo cried like a baby during a radio interview aftee being called a killer by Jeff Mwathi’s mum. Photo: DJ Fatxo/Instagram.

“I can never forgive him. What they did was wrong, they killed my son. I cannot just forget and move on. Justice was bungled and that man did not even try to help us get to the bottom of the issue. I believe he killed my son.” Mama Jeff said.

In a quick rejoinder, an emotional DJ Fatxo, while sobbing tried to sanitise his name and brand.

A tearful DJ Fatxo, claimed it was unfair for Jeff’s mother to accuse him of murder yet he is innocent.

He held that he is in pain and cannot stand to see his mother suffer even as people accuse him wrongly.

Massawe Japanni tried to calm DJ Fatxo down as the interview progressed, but her efforts proved futile and was forced to end the Interview prematurely.

DJ Fatxo may be innocent but most listeners did not buy his story as many insisted he had practiced his lies well but cannot fool anyone.

Many people who sent text messages to the station kept accusing DJ Fatxo of killing Jeff and urged him to come out clean.

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