Kayfar was traveling with his wife and their two friends’ when their car was hit from behind

• The accident occurred around Withethie along Thika Road on Saturday, June 10 at around 7.00 PM

• No one suffered serious injuries

Watanashati Classic CEO Kayfar Mtanashati and his wife are counting their blessings and thanking God after escaping death by a whisker.

YEIYO.com has learnt Kayfay, who is Jaysoul’s manager and his wife survived a grisly road accident on Saturday, June 10, at around 7.00 PM.

Information reaching YEIYO.com newsdesk intimate that the accident occurred at Withethie, along the ever busy Thika Road.

Kayfar recently launched Watanashati Home Of Talents. Photo: Kayfar Mtanashati/Facebook.

Speaking in an exclusive phone interview with YEIYO.com, Kayfar disclosed that they were involved in the accident while on their way to Meru, where Watanashati Classic headquarters is located.

Kayfar and his wife were travelling with two other friends in their car.

The good news is that no one suffered serious injuries following the Saturday night accident.

The talents manager disclosed that their car was hit from behind by an overspending vehicle but thanked God for saving them.

“I am shaken but I thank God no one was injured seriously. I was with my wife and two friends in the car when the accident occurred. We were hit from behind at Withethie along Thika Road. Our car has been towed to Thika Police station,” Kayfar told this writer.

The accident occurred barely three months after Kayfar got his brand new car.

Jaysoul recently bought his manager Kayfar a brand new ride. Photo: Kayfar Mtanashati/Facebook.

As earlier reported by a cross section of the Kenyan media, Kayfar was gifted a brand new car by his artiste Jaysoul as an appreciation gift for running and managing his brand well.

However, the car did not live long to experience a full year as it got involved in an accident, putting Kayfar, his wife and their two friends’ lives.

Well, we thank God no one lost their lives or suffered serious injuries during the accident.

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