It Is Expensive: Akuku Danger Calls On Gvt, Kenyans To Support Sickle Cell Worries During Emotional Interview


• Comedian Akuku Danger disclosed Sickle cell anemia medication is very expensive, therefore sicklers need support to battle it effectively

Churchill Show comedian Akuku Danger has come out to make a plea on behalf of thousands of sickle cell anemia warriors struggling to manage the ailment.

Akuku Danger, while speaking during an interview with Oga Obinna pleaded with Kenyans to support sickle cell anemia warriors with medication since it has been quite a struggle for many to manage the same.

According to Akuku, who is a sickle cell anemia warrior himself, countless Kenyans especially in rural areas have been suffering and struggling to manage the ailment because treatment and medication for the same is very expensive.

Akuku Danger pleaded with Kenyans to support sickle cell anemia warriors financially so they can manage the ailment. Photo: Waza.

Akuku revealed that a single sickle cell anemia warrior needs over KSh 100 per day just for their lifetime medication.

He called on Kenyans to identify or even reach out to him so that he can assist in connecting them with sickle cell anemia warriors who they can support directly.

The comic also sent out a plea to the Kenya Kwanza government to come up with efficient policies that will ensure sickle cell anemia warriors access the medications they need for survival effortlessly and affordably.

Akuku Danger disclosed that the sickle cell anemia medication is very expensive. Photo: Courtesy.

“This disease is very expensive to manage. In a day, a warrior needs not less than KSh 100 per day to get the right medication to manage the ailment. Most people cannot afford this. We’ve been trying to help through an organisation we founded but it is not enough. We need support from fellow Kenyans and most importantly, the government. The government should at least ensure the sickle cell anemia drugs are cheap and easily accessible to sicklers. We founded an organisation to assist with the aforementioned but that is not enough, we need more help,” Akuku Danger disclosed.

In his own words, Akuku made it clear that the battle against sickle cell anemia is a collective effort that needs input from different quotas, including the government and Kenyans a whole. understands Akuku Danger himself is a sickle cell anemia warrior and has been championing for many in his condition, especially the less privileged in the society.

A couple of months ago, Akuku Danger nearly went to be with his maker following a serious crisis that got him in the ICU for over three weeks.

Akuku Danger has been battling sickle cell anemia for over two decades now. Photo: Courtesy.

Then, Kenyans came through for him by helping in clearing the hospital bills and his medication, something he thanked his countrymen for on end.

Akuku has ever since been sensitizing Kenyans and the world about the disease through outreaches and public awareness campaigns.

He has also been helping fellow sickle cell anemia warriors to get medication by fundraising for their medication and care on different media platforms.

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