• Jane Njuguna noted that Kenyans had every right to hold demos but did not have to destroy property and risk the lives of others

• The International Relations expert said Kenyans need to be careful since the international community is watching

On Wednesday, July 12, Kenyans in different parts of the country took to the roads for a series of demonstrations, otherwise known as maandamano.

Quite a number of them had a myriad of reasons for the demos, which unfortunately went south even as the day elapsed.

Jane Njuguna is an International Relations expert. Photo: Jane Njugunah/Instagram.

Well, quite a number of Kenyans and other people from a cross the world fully supported the actions of many demonstrators who had initially been inspired by Azimio leader Raila Odinga to take to the streets.

Others, however, had alternative views over the same, with International Relations expert Jane Njuguna leading the bandwagon.

Jane Njuguna, a revered International Relations expert and student at the Daystar University, agreed that indeed Kenyans had every right to take to the roads as enlisted by the Geneva Convention.

Jane Njuguna said the demos did not have to get violent. Photo: Jane Njugunah/Instagram.

The smart future diplomat noted that the demos ought to be peaceful but the same is not what Kenyans and the international community experienced on Wednesday.

According to Jane Njuguna, the demonstrators completely disregarded the law by turning the demos into looting sprees and ground to settle scores.

This, Jane Njuguna insisted that caused mayhem as it not only led to destruction of valuable properties but also lives.

“Protests are okay. International law and the Geneva Convention gives rights to peaceful protests and assembly. What we witnessed on Wednesday July 12, did not come any close to peace. The protests are disruptive, they involve killings, destruction of cars and The Expressway among other properties. I know people are protesting for various reasons, the common reason being the high cost of living. Seriously, every country in the world is experiencing this and even though you feel otherwise, it is still not a good reason to put lives at risk,” Jane Njuguna wrote on social media.

The fearless IR expert reminded Kenyans that they should be careful next time they hit the roads for demos as the whole world has been watching.

Jane reiterated that some of the decisions Kenyans make during demos, especially violence will badly affect the country and paint a bad image to the eyes of the international community.

“Let us do better. Let us think carefully about our decisions. The whole world is watching and the decisions we make as a country can cost us,” she added.

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