Rapper Mr Blue revealed that he had a nice car but he sold it and bought a piece of land

• The Mapozi Hitmaker disclosed that he wanted to get something that will also benefit his wife and three kids

• According to Mr Blue, he cannot cave in to pressure from his fans and the general public

Being a celebrity comes with its own fair share of challenges.

This, many if not all public figures can tell you for free.

Due to pressure from fans and the urge to maintain a certain image or brand has always left many celebrities in unending quandaries.

Mr Blue sold his car and bought a piece of land to help his wife and three kids. Photo: Mr Blue/Instagram.

However, there some celebrities who have not allowed pressure from the public shackle them.

Legendary Tanzanian rapper Mr Blue aka Kabayser happens to fall in the latter category, as Yeiyo.com has learnt.

Mr Blue recently shared with the world about little to unknown details about his lifestyle with his fans.

The Mapozi star disclosed that he does not own a car like most celebrities of his caliber do.

Mr Blue revealed that he had to sell his car and channel the money to the purchase of a piece of land.

Speaking during an interview with Wasafi FM, Mr Blue said that he refused to cave in to peer pressure and decided to do something that will not only benefit him but also his wife and three children.

Mr Blue made it clear that he does not care about pressure from the public. Photo: Mr Blue/YouTube.

“I don’t own a car. I use public transport. I decided to sell my car and buy a piece of land. Land appreciates in value but a car depreciates. Pressure from fans and the public has not affected me because I love living a simple life.” Mr Blue said.

He added that he has also been patronising areas not fit for celebrities and has been liking every bit of moment in those locations.

Mr Blue stated that most of his fans have been wondering how he rolls like a simple man yet he is a celebrity.

The star said he came from the ghetto and will never feel shy to enjoy ghetto lifestyle whenever he gets the chance to do so.

Watch Mr Blue’s Interview With Wasafi FM HERE:

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