• Ali Kiba disclosed during a press conference in Kenya that signing the divorce papers is a small issue for him

• He reiterated that he hates dramas but can effortlessly solve some such as signing the divorce papers

• Ali Kiba’s wife Amina had earlier accused the singer of refusing to sign their divorce papers

King of Bongo Flava Ali Kiba has finally adressed the divorce issue that has been surrounding his marriage.

Ali Kiba has admitted that indeed the divorce process is underway and he is very much willing to cooperate with his Kenyan wife Amina in solving the issue amicably.

The musician who was responding to the issue while in Nairobi, Kenya, noted that he is willing to sign the divorce papers, contrary to Amina’s earlier allegations.

Ali Kiba said he is ready to sign the divorce papers. Photo: Courtesy.

According to Ali Kiba, he does not like drama and scandals, therefore he always does everything in his power to deal with the aforementioned in a good way.

The star noted that he always ignores some scandals that he can not handle, but deals with those he can sort head on, including his divorce.

“There are some dramas that I can handle, some I cannot. Those that I cannot handle, I let God deal with them. Even with the divorce papers, it’s a minor issue, that one I can solve myself. Did I answer your question?” Ali Kiba responded to Kalondu Musyimi of Mpasho who had shot the divorce question to him.

Ali Kiba’s response came quite as a surprise to many of his fans who had earlier bought Amina’s claims that he had refused to sign their divorce papers.

Ali Kiba’s wife had accused him of refusing to sign their divorce papers. Photo: Courtesy.

As earlier reported by YEIYO.com, Ali Kiba’s wife Amina had earlier taken to social media to publicly ask the singer for divorce.

Aileen Alora, alias Amina on Wednesday, June 14, disclosed that she had already filed for divorce only that the musician has refused to sign the divorce papers.

Through an Insta-stories update seen by YEIYO.com, Amina narrated how she was been suffering in her marriage as her hubby lived his life to the fullest.

According to the mother of two, Ali Kiba was hesitant to sign the divorce papers to save face owing to his social status.

Amina noted that Ali Kiba was enjoying his life as she struggles to maintain and protect her marriage.

The lady asked Ali Kiba to release her so that she can also enjoy her life since she doesn’t feel “wifey” while in the marriage.

Amina claimed she has not been feeling wifey while in his marriage with Ali Kiba. Photo: UGC.

Amina’s revelation did not come as a surprise to many since the divorce had earlier been predicted.

About a year ago, Amina moved back to Mombasa from Tanzania, leaving many with belief that her marriage was under the rocks.

The two, however, rubbished the rumours as Amina flew back to her hubby in Tanzania.

Unconfirmed reports had earlier indicated that Ali Kiba is gay and only married Amina to protect his brand.

Others also claimed Amina had left Ali Kiba because she could not live in the same house with Ali Kiba’s mother and siblings in Tanzania.

Grapevine had it that the family was so huge that it was suffocating Amina, allegations she did not confirm or deny.

Watch Ali Kiba promising to sign the divorce papers Below:

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