I Got Longombas Their First Show In Kenya – Colonel Mustafa

Colonel Mustafa disclosed that he was very tight with late Christian Longomba. Photo: Courtesy.

Colonel Mustafa, one-half of the one-time popular music duo Deux Vultures has for the first time opened up on his tight relationship with The Longombas, specifically the late Christian Longomba.

The artist remembered the late Christian Longomba as one of the coolest people he had ever known.

Speaking during an Exclusive interview with Mideyah Digital Media, the Loboko hitmaker disclosed that Christian was his close friend and that they would spend a lot of time together.

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Colonel Mustafa said The Longombas were like brothers to him. Photo: Courtesy.

Mustafa remembered the late Longombas member as a talented lad whom he fought for and ensured together with his brother Lovy Longomba got their space in the much-competitive music industry.

According to Mustafa, he was so tight with Longombas that he went out of his way to book the group their first-ever show in Kenya.

“My relationship with Longombas goes way back. In fact I am the one who took Christian to Ogopa Deejays and introduced them. Actually I am the person who got them their first show through Big Ted. Me and Longombas have always been tight.” Mustafa revealed.

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He went on to share how late Christian’s brother Lovy visited him during his tough time and helped him with a few things.

Mustafa noted that he will always be grateful to Lovy for standing with him during his lowest moments.

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