• Shirko confirmed he is aware of of Kelechi Afrikana but cannot engage with him in irrelevant online tussles

• The revered producer noted that Cost artistes should focus on growing their brands internationally instead of the local beefs

Shirko Media CEO, Awadh Salim, known to many as Producer Shirko has finally addressed his “beef” with fellow creative Kelechi Africana.

Shirko, who has been adamant to respond to the many attacks leveled against him by Kelechi Africana handled the whole thing maturely in a move that won him massive love from fans and other Kenyans on social media.

For the first time in ages, Shirko disclosed that he holds no grudge with Kelechi Africana despite his many subliminals targeting him.

Shirko said he cannot engage in an online battle with Kelechi Afrikana. Photo: Kelechi Afrikana/YouTube.

In a long Facebook comment addressing the same and seen by YEIYO.com, Shirko noted that he has no reason to beef with Kelechi Africana as he is like his younger brother.

According to Shirko, his time is dedicated to growing his brand globally and not locally, therefore Kelechi Africana’s attacks against him mean nothing.

Shirko insisted that he can never waste his time to fight fellow creatives but instead, channels the same to serve fans with the best there is in music.

The revered music maker held that Coast artistes should focus on pushing their music to greater heights instead of beefing with their colleagues, locally.

Shirko noted that he cannot attack Kelechi Afrikana online because he is like his younger brother. Photo: Shirko Awadh Salim/Facebook.

“Bwengo Jr Mwinyi Thanks sana kwa kushow respect with much appreciation God bless you. Kelechi is like a younger brother to me it is so disrespectful to reply against any of his offensive opinion against me they are all his point of views and i respect them with no hard feelings. I understand his situation because as an artist i have been into what he is going through. But with my personal self respect that I grew up with I never thought to go against anyone in this same industry that most of our audience want more music than words against eachother. I always dream of one day to sit back and enjoy young talents to compete with other young talented artists at the international level. But it seems we are too relaxed and satisfied competing against eachother at a local level. I created my own profile out of this country and I proved my abilities where i had no home, father, mother, brother or sister to depend on. It was just another world that only your talent will bring you the best to work with you and finally respect you.” Shirko wrote.

Kelechi Afrikana has been attacking Shirko online. Photo: Kelechi Afrikana/Instagram.

Shirko’s feedback was triggered by a random fan who wanted to know why he has not been responding to Kelechi Africana’s trolls on social media.

As earlier reported by YEIYO.com, Kelechi Africana has been on a roll attacking fellow Mombasa artistes in a series of demeaning social media posts.

On his side, Kelechi Africana disclosed that his attacks are not personal as his only intention is to make the Coast Music Industry vibrant.

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