• Huddah Monroe disclosed how fellow ladies hatched a plan that saw her get drugged by a fake male “investor”

• The socialite revealed that some ladies sent a random man to ruin her life in 2018 since they could not do it themselves

Beautiful Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has for the first time decided to share one of the darkest moments in her life.

Huddah Monroe, who is an internationally acclaimed socialite recently took to social media to disclose how evil people can be, especially those who claim to be your closest allies.

Through her Insta-stories updates, the well-to-do socialite took her followers down the memory lane to the day when she almost died after being drugged by fellow women.

Huddah Monroe disclosed how three ladies sent a random man disguising himself as an investor to drug her. Photo: UGC.

Huddah Monroe revealed that her haters, disguising themselves as her friends wanted to bring her down by sharing her indecent photos and videos online in vain.

According to Huddah Monroe, some of her female friends wanted to ruin her reputation but could not fine the easiest way to do so.

“Ever since I got drugged in 2018, I was half dead for three days straight. And it was done by three ladies who act all holy online. The person they sent likes me and did not go to the extreme. He even called doctors to give me food and IV drips. The day I woke up, I did not know what happened to me. The guy sent me my nudes looking dead. That is the image they wanted to send to the media after taking my life and claim that I was an addict and all that sh*t. Jealousy is real.” Wrote Huddah Monroe.

Therefore, to actualise their goal, the friends, whom she did not mention sent a man to toy with her and even implicate her.

Huddah Monroe shared her sad experience through her Insta-stories updates. Photo: Huddah The Boss Chick/Instagram.

The socialite stated that in 2018, some ladies sent a random man to ruin her life since they could not do it themselves.

The lass disclosed that the man came as an “investor” and after a short while they were on a business meeting date together, with her believing it was all genuine.

However, it turned out that the man was not an investor and had just been sent her way by her haters who wanted him to drug her, take compromising photos of her and eventually leak them online.

Huddah Monroe revealed that the man managed to drug her, took indecent photos of her but the evil plot to bring her down did not materialise, thanks to her connections and influence.

Well, the beautiful socialite was drugged, and passed out for about three days straight but fortunately, she did not die or suffer dire consequenses.

Huddah noted that the three ladies and the man they had sent did her bad but she forgave them all after coming to.

The socialite said her highly connected friends helped her to nab the three ladies and the man but she chose to forgive them all.

“Thank God I know people in high places. Guy had ran away but we arrested him within 5 hours. They asked me if I want to press charges but one of the culprits was heavily pregnant and the other two were in Kenya. So, I chose to forgive. Because it could have been worse. I wouldn’t be here if the guy did as he was instructed by those 3 evil women,” she added.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Huddah Monroe is sharing about the many challenges she has been dealing with in her line of work.

The lass have severally disclosed to the world how countless people, including her then friends such as Vera Sidika did a number on her even as she tried to make a name for herself.

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