• An alive snake is put inside a jar and the mixture is left to ferment for months

Snake blood and bile can also be mixed with alcohol, which has to be drunk immediately

You have most likely heard of and tasted a variety of alcohol brands and types.

But I am certainly sure not many of you have tasted snake wine, leave alone heard about it.

Well, snake wine happens to the one of the most popular drink for many people in Asian countries with China leading the bandwagon.

Snake wine is believed to helping in boosting libido. Photo: India Today.

Snake wine is prepared in many different ways.

However, the most popular one is submerge an entire snake in a jar of rice wine or any other type of alcohol.

In most cases, an alive snake is put inside a jar and the mixture is left to ferment for months.

Some special herbs and spices are also added to the wine jar to infuse some peculiar flavours into it.

Snake one can also be prepared and enjoyed in a different way; using the actual blood of the snake.

After killing the snake, its blood and bile are mixed with alcohol, which has to be drunk immediately.

Snake wine is mostly available in Asian countries. Photo: UGC.

The shocking bit is the fact that snake wine is completely safe to drink.

However, this is guaranteed when one buys the snake wine from an authentic source.

Even though venomous snakes are used in the preparation, the ethanol content in the rice wine denatures the snake’s venom, so it is reported.

In rare cases, snakes might go into hibernation mode and might be still alive after months of being soaked in wine.

Some snakes were found alive even after 3 months of staying in the wine. Photo: Beinjing Classics.

Such came to life in 2013, when a snake bit a woman terribly after she opened the jar of snake wine, ready to drink.

The video of the incident went viral on the internet, with many netizens wondering how that was possible since the snake had been preserved for three months.

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