• Rayvanny said that Harmonize wronged him countless times but he always forgave him

• The Forever crooner revealed that his hate for Harmonize was triggered by the latter’s efforts to ruin him completely

• Rayvanny disclosed Harmonize wanted to see him locked up in prison and his family suffering

Next Level Music(NLM) boss Rayvanny has for the first time shared with the world why he started hating his former WCB stablemate Harmonize.

The Forever hitmaker on Friday, April 28, revealed that his beef with Harmonize started way back but he always ignored it as he tried to give fellow singer chances to become a better person.

Speaking during an interview on Clouds FM, Rayvanny said their rivalry started when music lovers started comparing them to each other.

Rayvanny said he was never close with Harmonize even during their stints as stablemates at WCB. Photo: Mwananchi.

The Kwetu star noted that Harmonize did many things in the past to frustrate him and his music career but he always forgave him.

However, he made a U-turn when Harmonize vehemently came out to destroy him and his young family.

According to Rayvanny, Harmonize crossed the line when he wrongly accused him of dating a minor(Frida Kajala) and called for his arrest.

Rayvanny sadly narrated how he was taken aback to learn Harmonize was moving around trying to influence Tanzanian authorities lock him up.

Harmonize and Rayvanny were both nurtured by Diamond Platnumz. Photo: UGC.

“Harmonize has been doing a lot of things to hurt me but I always ignored. Our music caused a major rift between us. We were not that close while still at WCB, we never used to talk much but we were cool. What made me hate him and completely cut him off is what he tried to do to finish me completely. I was shocked to learn he was running up and down to have me locked up. He did not care that I have a son and a family to take care of.” Rayvanny said.

For some time now, there have been reports that Rayvanny and Harmonize, one time friends are no longer as close as they used to be.

However, neither Harmonize nor Rayvanny ever addressed the issue until lately when the latter finally spilt the beans.

Watch Rayvanny’s interview on Clouds FM below:

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