• Corine Onyango did not disclose how and where her phone was stolen from but confirmed the incident happened on Saturday

• The radio personality pleaded with people close to Kimya to ask him to return her phone

• Netizens felt sorry for her but pressed her to share more details

For the longest time now, members from the Hip Hop community have been seen as gangsters and crooks owing to their lyricism and lifestyles.

It is because of the aforementioned that most people in the Hip Hop community have been trying to sanitize the industry all in a bid to give out a good image worthy of endorsement deals and big shows.

Well, even with the efforts a few elements in the hip hop community seem to be drifting back to their older selves, with rapper Kimya Miyaki being the latest culprit.

Corine said Kimya stole her phone on Saturday. Photo: Universal.

The rapper, who happens to be Bamboo’s younger brother was recently exposed online as a thief.

As the story goes, Kimya allegedly stole HBR’s radio presenter Corine Onyango over the weekend.

Breaking the news on social media, Corine took to Twitter on Monday, May 15, and urged her followers and anyone who knows Kimya Miyaki to ask him to return her phone.

Corine did not share much details on where and how her phone was stolen but disclosed the theft happened on Saturday.

Kimya is a brother to rapper Bamboo and singer Victoria Kimani. Photo: SDE.

According to Corine, Kimya’s behaviour could be the main reason why most industry players do not involve him in any of their projects.

“Please tell @kimyamiyaki to give me back my phone that he stole on Saturday. This is exactly why no one tryna fck with you.” Corine tweeted.

While some people bashed Kimya for stooping too low, many faulted Corine for giving out half-cooked information.

Many insisted that she should have shared more details on how she lost her phone instead of just exposing Kimya online.

It is not yet clear if indeed Kimya stole the phone or not but Yeiyo.com is following the story closely and will duly update you as new details emerge.

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