Harmonize throws in the towel in fight against Diamond Platnumz and other rivals


• Harmonize urged TZ musicians to borrow a leaf from Nigerian artistes and work together

• The musician insisted that he nolonger has the energy to beef with fellow TZ artistes

• He noted that TZ artistes can each do their work without trying to drag their colleagues down

Konde Gang Worldwide CEO Harmonize has shown some high level of maturity after coming out to call for peace among top Tanzanian artistes.

Harmonize, has in an unexpected turn of events noted that the beefs between him and other Tanzanian stars such as Diamond Platnumz will not help anyone.

Harmonize urged fellow TZ artistes to stop beefing with each other. Photo: UGC.

The musician made it clear that he nolonger has the energy to fight fellow TZ musicians as it brings more harm than good to the entire music industry.

Taking to his Insta-stories, the Kwangaru hitmaker urged his fans and other music lovers to stop comparing him with fellow TZ musicians as it dwindles their industry instead of progressing it.

According to Harmonize, every musician can do their thing without interfering with the other.

Harmonize insisted that everyone will win if only they work together.

The artiste held that Tanzanian musicians should unite and work together to put the country on the map as far as music is concerned.

Harmonize pleased with his colleagues to borrow a leaf from Nigerian artistes who have been working and winning together, contrary to what has been happening in the Tanzanian music industry.

Harmonize’s message on his Insta-stories update. Photo: Harmonize/Instagram.

“This one goes to you all Konde Gangs. Especially, personally I don’t have anything to prove in our own country. I really don’t have the energy to fight my own blood brothers that is why. I swear to God we are to old for that. It can be business, Yes!!! But what about the future? Let us team together. We can do it bigger. We are lucky enough to be African. Let us learn from Nigeria. Mambo ya kuvunjana moto, kuchambana, kuchekana. Huyu kakosea huyu kapatia, tunaonyeshana mapungufu na kujishusha wenyewe. One love. Business, let everyone do it on his own way. We are all going to the top.” Wrote Harmonize.

Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz’s fans have been comparing the two artistes. Photo: UGC.

Harmonize’s call for peace among Tanzanian artistes came as a surprise to many who never thought he will at some point put everything behind and seek peace with others, specifically Diamond Platnumz.

It should be noted that Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz have for the longest time been fighting for the tittle of Tanzania’s top musician.

For some time now, people have been comparing the two, wanting to know who is the top musician in Tanzania.

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