• Harmonize said he has been talking to Phiona for the past four years, resulting into an unbreakable bond

• His fans were impressed by his choice of lover and duly congratulated him on different social media platforms

• The musician disclosed he is thinking of buying a house in Rwanda so that he can be close to his new boo

Konde Gang Worldwide CEO Harmonize is nolonger single, Yeiyo.com can authoritatively report.

The Kwangwaru hitmaker has a new lover and wants the whole world to know about it.

Harmonize, on Monday, May 8, took to social media to introduce his new Rwandese bae to fans and the world.

Harmonize said he is thinking of buying a house in Rwanda so that he can be close to his lover Phiona. Photo: Harmonize/Phiona/Instagram.

In a series of Insta-stories updates seen by Yeiyo.com, the musician shared photos and videos of his love Phiona followed by his affirmation to her.

The Konde Gang CEO disclosed that he has been talking to Phiona for the past four years which have resulted into a strong and unbreakable bond.

Harmonize went on to disclose that he is so much in love with his Rwandese lover that he is contemplating buying his first house in Rwanda just to be close to Phiona.

Harmonize is dating a Rwandese damsel known as Phiona. Photo: Harmonize/Instagram.

“When you got money and fame the world is very complicated. It is really hard to know who is real to you. Been talking to Phiona for over 4 years I have been around. She’s been around. We always start conversations again. I feel it is time to show you how real man I am. Love you deep down @yolo_the_queen. You are over every girl I have met in my life. You even made me feel like Rwandese. I am getting my first house in Kigali. I am just trying to get close to you.” Harmonize wrote.

Harmonize promised to love Phiona for eternity. Photo: Harmonize/Instagram.

His new relationship with Phiona comes a couple of months after his breakup with Kajala.

Following his breakup with Kajala, Harmonize swore never to love again in the near future.

However, it seems he was recently struck by the cupid’s arrow and was left with no option but to love Phiona.

News of his new relationship was received well by thousands of his fans who lauded him for picking such a beauty.

Others, however, noted that just like with Kajala, his relationship with Phiona will not last long.

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