• Harmonize’s Instagram had earlier made fans believe he is in love with Kikuyu ladies and their behinds

• The musician distanced himself with the post holding a Kikuyu lady had taken his phone and made the post

• It should be noted Harmonize was in the US for shows organised by US-based Kenyan events promoter Macarena Moh

Konde Gang Worldwide boss Harmonize recently made regional headlines after publicly confirming Kikuyu ladies from Kenya have been blessed with big derriere.

Well, the whole thing was triggered by an Insta-stories update on Harmonize’a page during his recent music tour in Dallas, Texas.

The musician who was in the US for a series of shows seems to have been impressed by Kikuyu ladies and duly took to his Instagram to praise them for their big behinds.

Harmonize was recently in the US for shows. Photo: The Standard.

“Respect technology. Wakikuyu Nao wanakuanga na Nyash nowadays. Nilijua ni wakisii na wajaluo pekee,” the post read.

Harmonize’s fans, especially Kikuyu ladies across the world could not keep calm following the post and duly threw themselves at him even as others bragged online over the same.

However, in a latest turn of events, the musician recently distanced himself from the post and insisted he is not the one who wrote it.

Through his Insta-stories days after his initial post, the star claimed that he was not the one updating his statuses but someone who had access to his phone.

According to Harmonize, a Kikuyu Lady had taken his phone and made the post about their big nyash.

“Luo and Kisiis you’ve made our lives complicated. Mulitesa Sana. Guys it is not KondeBoy posting. Kuna mdada Waki Kikuyu took my phone,” Harmonize wrote.

Harmonize was in the US courtesy of US-based Kenyan events promoter Macarena Moh. Photo: Macarena Moh.

Well, Yeiyo.com just like many Kenyans was confused and thought it wise to dig deep and unearth the truth.

Our highly placed source in the US confirmed to this publication that indeed Harmonize may be saying the truth since he was recently spotted hanging out with a Kikuyu lady while in Dallas, Texas.

A quick research disclosed that that said Kikuyu Lady could be US-based events promoter who goes by Macarena Moh.

Macarena Moh is believed to be the promoter behind Harmonize shows in the US and has been pushing his brand in diaspora.

Macarena Moh has worked with artistes such as Ali Kiba, Nameless, Redsan, Arrow Bwoy and many others. Photo: Macarena Moh.

It is, however, not yet clear if indeed it was Macarena Moh who took Harmonize’s phone and made the post or not but this writer is following the story closely and will duly update you as new details unfold.

Of importance to note is the fact that Macarena Moh is a respected and well-known events promoter who has worked with a number of artistes from East Africa.

The events promoter, according to information on her social media bio, has previously organised shows in the US for big time artistes such as Redsan, Nameless, Otile Brown, Arrow Bwoy, Ali Kiba and Jose Chameleone just to mention but a few.

Macarena Moh’s events have over the years brought together East Africans in the US through music shows and concerts.

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