• Guardian Angel, through a recent media interview confirmed he is rich and lives a comfortable life

• His fans thanked him for sharing his testimony which inspires them

• Critics called him out as they pleaded with him to stop bragging with his wife’s wealth

Gospel musician Guardian Angel is one of the most loved artistes in Kenya.

Countless Kenyans have been digging his music, vibe and general personality as a person.

However, the aforementioned were recently thrown out of the window following Guardian Angel’s remarks which rubbed his fans and other Kenyans the wrong way.

Guardian Angel said God has blessed him with wealth. Photo: Esther Musila/Instagram.

The Nadeka crooner during a recent media interview insinuated that he may be the richest gospel musician in Kenya.

Speaking to one of Kenya’s online TVs, Guardian Angel confirmed to the world that he is now very loaded and leads a very comfortable and affluent life.

Guardian made it categorically clear that he is rich and is not shy of professing the same publicly without fear of doubt and contradiction.

The star went on to disclose that he is the only Kenyan gospel artiste who lives in the leafy suburbs of Karen, Nairobi.

According to Guardian Angel, not any Tom, Dick and Harry can afford to live in Karen, meaning he is among the selected and blessed few who can afford the same.

To make his point even more clearer, the star insisted that even self-proclaimed richest gospel musician Ringtone cannot afford to live in Karen and only comes second to him since he resides in Runda.

“I have money, that I won’t lie to you, I am very okay. I might be the only gospel artiste who lives in Karen. Ringtone stays in Runda, not Karen, you get my point? Plus, that’s not a place you can just live aimlessly. I live well.” Guardian Angel said during the interview.

His remarks went viral as they were shared widely on social media, with Kenyans from different walks of lives taking sides.

Guardian Angel’s fans and supporters were impressed and inspired by his revelation and duly rallied behind him as they lauded him for inspiring them with his “testimony”.

His fans insisted that he was right to brag since it was one of the many ways of showing God’s ability in changing the lives of His children.

Others, however, in this case the majority differed with him holding that he committed sin when he publicly bragged about his wealth.

While some Kenyans took his claims as an inspiration and testimony, a multitude of netizens labeled him the king of braggadocio.

A section of Kenyans asked him to refrain from bragging since she has no right to do that.

A host of netizens called out Guardian Angel for bragging with wife’s wealth. Photo: Guardian Angel/Instagram.

Many noted that Guardian Angel became rich thanks to his marriage to his elderly wife, Esther Musila.

Netizens dragged Guardian Angel on social media as they schooled him on how a man should not thump his chest with his wife’s wealth.

According to many social media users who differed with Guardian Angel, he would have been a nobody by now was it not for his loaded wife Esther Musili.

YEIYO.com understands Esther Musila has been working for UN for many years and has accumulated quite a substantial amount of wealth which she is currently sharing with her hubby, Guardian Angel.

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