• Gideon Moi posted photos of himself and his wife Zahra looking all loved up at their son’s wedding

• The politician described his wife as a compassionate and devoted mother, grandmother and wife

• Netizens, especially ladies lauded Gideon Moi for being such a romantic man

Most public figures would rather die than introduce their family members to the world.

While some celebrities find no harm in posting photos of their loved ones online, many prefer rolling privately.

Big time politicians are not an exception when it comes to the aforementioned.

Gideon Moi celebrated his wife Zahra with a lovely post on social media. Photo: Gideon Moi/Instagram.

However, former Baringo County Senator Gideon Moi recently decided to go against the “Celebriville” code of conduct by not only introducing his rarely-seen wife Zahra to the public but also pampering her with love.

Taking to his social media pages on Saturday , May 6, Gideon Moi posted several photos of himself with his wife at a function, followed by a short but sweet caption to celebrate the wife.

Through his caption, Moi described his wife Zahra as a kind, compassionate and devoted member of thier family.

The politician made it clear that his wife Zahra has been the strongest pillar that has been holding their family together.

Moi described his wife as the strongest pillar that holds their family together. Photo: Gideon Moi/Instagram.

Gideon Moi also used the opportunity to thank Zahra for successfully overseeing their son, Kigen Moi’s proposal party held at their home.

“I celebrate my dear wife Zahra Moi for being the pillar of our family. She is beautiful, compassionate, kind and devoted in everything she does. I commend her for the exemplary effort in ensuring that our son Kigen Moi’s engagement ceremony was successful.” Gideon Moi wrote.

His post impressed many netizens who could not help but laud him for being such a loving and caring husband to Zahra.

A multitude of netizens, especially women joked that they wish they had a man like Gideon Moi who could shower them with love on end and publicly.

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