G.O.A.T: Davido donates KSh 42 million to orphanages in Nigeria


• Davido disclosed he has always been looking for ways to use his influence to help the less fortunate

• His generous deed impressed many people who took to social media to laud him for his selflessness

A successful man is not measured by the amount of money he has in his bank accounts but the number of times he has used his personal resources to help others, especially those in need.

Celebrated Nigerian artiste Davido has just written his name in the short list of successful men in the world with his generous donations to orphanages in Nigeria.

YEIYO.com has learnt Davido, through his foundation David Adeleke Foundation recently gave out a whopping KSh 42 million to help in taking care of children in various orphanages in the entire Nigeria.

Davido during a past charity drive. Photo: Bella Naija.

Sharing the good news with the world, Davido through a social media post disclosed the donation was made possible by himself and other well-wishers who joined him in the drive.

The musician thanked everyone who contributed as he revealed how much attached he is with philanthropy and charity work.

According to Davido, his philanthropy is a practice he adopted a couple of years ago and he has never regretted even a bit.

The star added that the reason for this donation which first happened on his birthday a few years ago, was because he has always looked for a way to use his platform to provide help and support for other people who need it.

“I’ve always wanted to use my platform to serve others. Thankful that through your generousity, I’ve been able to do so. We recently disbursed over N200m to several orphanages in Nigeria, a tradition that started a few years ago around my birthday. Thank you to everyone who donated. With your help, we are changing lives. This is what I mean when I say We rise by lifting others. These are words in action. God bless you all!” wrote Davido.

Davido’s kind gesture warmed the hearts of many Nigerians and other people across the world who lauded him for his selflessness and big heart.

Quite a multitude of people who took to social media to congratulate him on the move made it clear that he is the first ever Nigerian artiste to donate such a huge amount of money to help the less fortunate.

This, however, did not come as a surprise to many since Davido himself is loaded and has a clique of rich friends who usually come through for him whenever he comes up with such drives.

Nigerians and other people across the world lauded Davido for his big heart. Photo: Davido/YouTube.

It should be noted a couple of years ago, the artiste left jaws on the floor after his friends sent him millions of shillings on his birthday which he diverted to charity work.

Then, Davido had jokingly taken to social media to ask his friends and fans to send him money for his birthday instead of gifts.

And to everyone’s surprise, his friends, fans and others heeded to his call and sent him a lot of money.

Their move even surprised Davido himself who did not expect such a positive response.

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