• Frankie Dee aka The Dancehall Beast recently treated his fans to a new jam dubbed Eye Red

• Music lovers across the world were impressed by the tune and duly lauded him for the masterpiece

• Quite a number of netizens admitted that indeed Frankie Dee is one of the top if not the best Dancehall artiste in Africa

Dancehall MSA artiste, Frankie Dee has once again proven to the world that he is the musical beast that the Kenyan audience has been waiting for in a very long time.

The international Dancehall star recently excited his worldwide fans with the release of his new ballard, Eye Red.

Yeiyo.com understands Frankie Dee officially dropped Eye Red recently in a move that not only for his fans happy but also the wider Kenyan audience.

Frankie Dee’s new jam Eye Red was received well by dancehall music lovers across the world. Photo: Frankie Dee/Facebook.

The song which was released in May 2023, was received well by music lovers who admitted indeed Frankie Dee is among the top if not the best Dancehall artiste in the entire African continent.

Just like in his previous song, Man Must Smoke(MMS), Frankie Dee took his time to praise the holy herb on the best way possible.

Through Eye Red, the Dancehall MSA star creatively got the attention of his worldwide fans and lovers of the holly herb, including yours truly with catchy lyrics and an equally perfect beat giving out a hippy vibe.

Eye Red which was first published on Spotify has been doing well. Photo: Vincent Kras/Facebook.

Eye Red, as YEIYO.com has learnt was produced by Producer Generali De Song at the popular Mombasa-based Starborn Music Studios.

Frankie Dee’s manager, Vincent Kras, through a series of social media posts seen by this writer, assured fans that they are in for beautiful treats courtesy of Eye Red and other hot releases set for debut soon.

It should be noted Frankie Dee is one of the most travelled Kenyan artistes, having flown to a number of countries including Ethiopia and Eritrea for shows and other music deals.

Frankie Dee has been performing in different countries in Africa. Photo: Frankie Dee/Facebook.

Apart from the legendary Dancehall star Wyre, Frankie Dee has over the past few years confirmed that the Kenyan Dancehall music industry is in safe hands.

Frankie Dee has a number of hit songs and albums under his belt, making him the most valuable Dancehall artiste of his time.

Listen to Eye Red on Spotify.

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