• Visita disclosed that he sat on a bench for about two years while producing hit songs for artistes at Grandpa Records

• According to Visita, he was hospitalised due to complications he suffered from sitting on a bench for many hours

All that glitters is not gold.

The old adage was recently brought to life by revered music producer and artiste Visita while taking a journey down the memory lane.

Visita, one of the best talents that Kenya has ever produced recently shared with the world the predicament he underwent while working at Grandpa Records, a record label owned by Yusuf Noah, known to many as Refigah.

The Vuju Master, as he calls himself nowadays disclosed that his stint at Grandpa Records was filled with countless misfortunes despite the massive fame he enjoyed then.

A disappointed Visita said the harsh working conditions at Grandpa Records saw him suffer back and waist problems. Photo: Visita/Facebook.

According to Visita, he made countless hits for some of Kenya’s top musicians and made them the talk of town yet he was struggling with a myriad of challenges.

Speaking during an interview with Mwafreeka on his Iko Nini Podcast, the brains behind Dumbala hit song disclosed he chucked massive bangers while sitting on a wooden bench.

Visita revealed that he would sit on a wooden bench while making hit songs for Kenyan stars for about two years (2012-2014) despite working for one of Kenya’s biggest record labels, Grandpa Records.

Visita revealed that he was hospitalised for sitting on a bench for longer hours. Photo: Visita/Instagram.

By then, both Visita, Grandpa Records, the label’s boss Refigah and a couple of his signers were at the peak of their careers.

A disappointed Visita said the harsh working conditions at Grandpa Records saw him suffer back and waist problems which had him ending up in hospital countless times.

In a short but clear Facebook post seen by YEIYO.com, Visita wrote;

“STUDIO FACTS: From 2012-2014, I sat on a bench that got my back affected. Ended up in hospital,”

Visita’s revelation shocked countless Kenyans who camped on the comments section of his post to try to find out how and why he was suffering yet the label he was working for was doing quite well.

Visita tried his best to calm his fans down by holding that he overlooked all the challenges all in a bid to grow and push Kenyan music to greater heights.

The revered producer wrapped up by saying indeed he suffered but he is proud of countless local sensations he created during his stint at Kibra-based Grandpa Records.

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