• Kahush publicly disclosed that yhe interesting about him that most people don’t know is that he sold his soul

• His fans pressed him to explain who he sold his soul to

Former Health CS of the popular COVID-19 updates Mutahi Kagwe’s son Kahush has thrown Kenyans aback after claiming he sold his soul.

Kahush, famed for his hit song Me Siwezi recently disclosed to his fans that one interesting thing that most people don’t know about him if the fact that his soul his nolonger his.

This, the one time popular artiste revealed during an Instagram Q&A session with his fans.

It is not clear if Kahush sold his soul to Illuminati. Photo: Courtesy.

“Something interesting about you?” A random fan shot.

Responding to the fan via his Insta-stories update, Kahush wrote;

“I sold my soul”

It is not yet clear who Kahush sold his soul to but his revelation left jaws on the floor, with quite a multitude of his fans demanding further explanation over the same.

Kahush disclosed to his followers that he has sold his soul. Photo: Kahush/Instagram.

Many who took to different social media platforms concluded Kahush had sold his soul to the devil, rather Illuminati so that he can prosper in his music career.

Well, YEIYO.com cannot independently confirm who Kahush sold his soul to but this, as it is with almost everything under the son, will only become clearer with time.

Kahush’s shocking revelation comes about three years after the former Health CS Mutahi Kagwe admitted he is the artiste’s father.

While making the confirmation, Mutahi Kagwe noted that he has allowed his children to be who they want to be, adding that he also lives a different life from the one that his father led.

“My children are going to have their own lives away from mine, I mean after the age of 21, you are an adult and you carve your own path and use what talents God has given you,” Mutahi Kagwe said.

Kahush is former Health CS Mutahi Kagwe’s son. Photo: Courtesy.

Further, CS Kagwe explained that his family has diverse talents from musicians Kahush and his cousin Kagwe Mungai to golfers.

Kahumburu Mutahi who is a third year student at Nottingham University gained public praise and turned heads following the recent heavy rotation of his 2019 shrap song Mi Siwezi.

The track, released in November 2019 from his debut EP ‘Trial and Error’, blew up during this COVID-19 period and attracted the attention of even established acts such as rap guru Khaligraph Jones who expressed interest in working with him on a remix.

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