• Nebert Nebo said foreign promoters have been counting losses with their events for not involving Eldoret industry players during their shows in the town

• According to the events guru, Eldoret audience is moved by familiarity

Revered businessman and events guru Nerbert Nebo is one of the few events planners who have over the years put Eldoret on the map with sold-out shows and events.

Nebo, alongside his partners have been staging different shows such as the popular Kitenge Festival all in a bid to give the Eldoret entertainment scene a breathe of new life.

Well, despite their efforts to spiral the industry, some Kenyan events organisers from different parts of the country have been invading Eldoret with events as they try their luck to win the masses in vain.

Nebert Nebo with CS Ababu Namwamba in Eldoret. Photo: Nebert Nebo/Instagram.

Many have been staging events incorporating artistes and other players from other parts of the country, leaving out Eldoret’s own acts, leading to flopped events and tainting the good reputation of Eldoret events scene while at it.

This did has not settled down well with Nebert Nebo, an astute events planner who decided to give such events organisers a word or two about hosting successful events in Eldoret.

For starters, Nebo vehemently condemned all the events organisers who have been snubbing local players and contract creatives from other parts of the country.

In a long yet informative Instagram post seen by YEIYO.com, Nebert Nebo of Spiffing Events Limited mentioned a number of recent events which flopped terribly due to the exclusion of Eldoret acts in their lists.

According to Nebo, the events experienced low turnouts because of lack of familiarity.

The events guru noted that any events organiser intending to host shows in Eldoret should consider including the town’s industry players in their lists if indeed they want to sell out their events.

Nebert Nebo insisted that including local talents and businesses will most definitely give result in high turnouts, maximum hype and the general success for their events.

Nebert disclosed that the Eldoret audience will always respond well to their local players compared to others including A-list stars from other areas.

“Recently outsiders have been coming to Eldoret to organise events without involving our great talents which has resulted to low turnout. Just to mention a few events that didn’t really hit as expected: Afro Fest, Pato Banton Eldoret Tour and the latest Smirnoff concert. Despite having A-list artistes the above events were poorly attended. How do you add personal touch when marketing events ultimately leading to high turnout and maximum hype? The answer is quite simple….. Incorporate familiarity. As an event organiser in Eldoret, one of the things I strive for is to promote local talent and businesses as much as possible. For event setup, Spiffing Events Limited has you covered with the best sound, stage and screen lighting. Tandika Ads pale Eldoret Plus and Eldoret Leo that’s where we talk about everything and anything.Our emcees can hype, they get us and we love them for it.Is it even an event without moments from the reel master Sidoh of Weddings by Sidney. Picha tunachukuanga kwa Click Nation 254, set za DJ Pinto Kenya, DJ Aleky, DJ Sule Kenya and DJ Dayvixs hubamba kuruka.I know I havent mentioned all GOAT artistes and businesses that make our events a hit, so tag them in the comments section and let event organisers refer to this post wakikuja Eldoret. Ni hayo tu kwa Sasa. #MarketingGuru #Myahudi #EventPlanner #Eldoret,” Nebo wrote on Instagram.

Nebert Nebo is one of Kenya’s top events organisers. Photo: Nebert Nebo/Instagram.

The businessman wrapped up by noting that events organisers from other areas will only reap big if they include Eldoret acts whenever they stage events in the town.

His word of advise came on the backdrop of a couple of events held in Eldoret that experienced low turnouts despite tagging along big names from Nairobi and other parts of the country.

Nebert Nebo has been in the events industry for over a decade now and has a portfolio of countless successful events under his belt.

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