• Fitness expert Mathew Mathe, known to many as Coach 001 heaped praises on Mwenda Thuranira as he thanked him for mentoring him

• Coach 001 disclosed that Mwenda Thuranira inspired him to become the successful businessman he is today

• The gym owner said Mwenda helped him discover his strength as a brand and capitalised it to succeeded in his business

MySpace CEO Mwenda Thuranira has over time proven that he is not just a boss but a leader who wants to see people looking up to him succeed.

The real estate guru has touched the lives of many people including his mentees in different ways and this they are proud to share with the world.

This was recently brought to life by Mathew Mathe alias Coach 001, a successful fitness trainer in Mombasa who took to social media to thank and appreciate him for his counsel.

Mathew Mathe thanked Mwenda Thuranira for helping him unleash his massive potential. Photo: Coach001/Instagram.

Coach 001, who is the owner of Be Fit Studio 001, through a social media post seen by YEIYO.com took his time to appreciate Mwenda Thuranira’s advice and input in seeing him become one of the best fitness experts in Kenya.

According to Coach 001, it was Mwenda Thuranira ‘s wise words that pushed him to launch his business, polish his brand and become the successful businessman in the region.

“It is transformation Tuesday and today I want to appreciate one of my long time friend/client/mentor one Mr Mwenda Thuranira of MySpace Properties. This guy really played a big role in shaping my fitness career. I remember him telling me, ‘Coach, I see a very great potential in your career but first you have to package yourself as a brand. Establish what you are good in because you cannot be Jack of all trades. Work on it, master it and make sure you become the best such that they cannot mention fitness in a room and leave your name behind. Finally, I remember all these comes at a price of both good and bad criticism, but unless you are an ice cream seller, not everyone will love you. Just learn how to handle feedback and correct your mistakes becaus upe that is what builds you’. Some few months when we opened Be Fit Studio 001, those words really kept me going.” Coach 001 wrote on Facebook.

Mathew Mathe disclosed that Mwenda Thuranira gave him his nickname Coach 001. Photo: Mathew Mathe/Instagram.

The fitness guru went on to add that Mwenda Thuranira played a major role in ensuring he identifies his strength and capitalise on it to grow his fitness business in folds.

To add icing on the cake, Coach 001 disclosed that he got the name from Mwenda Thuranira who baptised him after seeing his great potential in his field.

“Hope to see you soon for a cup of coffee and more wisdom sir. By the way guys if you didn’t know, it is Mwenda Thuranira who gave me the name Coach 001,” Coach 001 added.

His post not only touched hundreds of his followers but also inspired them, with quite a number wishing they had a Mwenda Thuranira in their lives.

It should be noted that Mwenda Thuranira has been an inspiration and guiding pillar for many young people, including those venturing into real estate and other fields.

As earlier reported by various media entities, Mwenda Thuranira’s expertise in real estate impressed Marsabit governor, Mohamud Abshiro who recognised his effort in transforming the Kenya’s real estate industry.

This, the county boss arrived after learning of Mwenda Thuranira’s new strip mall concept, introduced by his company MySpace in the country just recently.

Governor Mohamud Abshiro had visited MySpace Properties’ ongoing project, Mytown Mall in Karen where his mind was blown by the creativity incepted by Mwenda Thuranira.

During the visit, the two leaders discussed a myriad of issues including the introduction of the strip mall concept in Kenya and future partnership in implementing the same projects in Marsabit County.

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