• Steve Kipande announced to his fans and the world that he had retired from music and film industries

• The Grip Music N Pictures Limited CEO disclosed his son Marsh Mashavu had also quit music and the entertainment industries

• He did not reveal the reason behind their exit but assured fans that he will be venturing into other endeavors

Celebrated Kenyan filmmaker, producer and artiste Steve Kipande alias Daddi Q has broken the hearts of his fans after unceremoniously announcing his exit from the entertainment industry.

Steve Kipande, who is the CEO of Grip Music N Pictures Limited recently announced to fans and the public that he had quit showbiz.

Taking to his official Facebook page, Steve Kipande disclosed that his celebrity son Marsh Mashavu will also be quitting the entertainment industry.

Steve Kipande said he will nolonger engage himself in the entertainment industry. Photo: Steve Kipande/Facebook.

Steve Kipande, who has been in the music industry for the past 25 years did not disclose the reasons behind their exit but pleaded with the media to accord them privacy even as they leave the much-competitive industry.

According to Steve Kipande, he reached the decision to ditch entertainment together with his son Marsh Mashavu after much consultation with the Grip Music N Pictures Limited’s board of management.

“Najua hii itashangaza wengi but kwa life lazima kuwe na leveling up, baada ya mkutano intense na board ya Grip Musiq N Pictures Ltd mimi na mwanangu Marsh Mashavu tunaondokea entertainment business issue yoyote kuhusu mziki, sinema etc sipo ama hatupo tena,” Steve Kipande wrote on Facebook.

Steve Kipande revealed that he has hired out his Grip Music N Pictures Limited studios to a new management. Photo: Steve Kipande/Facebook.

The revered entertainment guru asked bloggers not to report about their exit but personally gave YEIYO.com the freedom to run the latest development thanks to the many years of building a positive rapport between the two parties.

Efforts by YEIYO.com to milk out the reasons behind his exit from the industry did not bare any fruits as he remained tight lipped.

“Please this goes to all bloggers nawaomba kwa heshima tuliokua nayo kwa the 25 years in entertainment hii story iishie hapa kwa wall yangu kwa wote walionipa kazi nawashukuru sana kwa wote niliowakosea hamna mtu kamili, poleni sana.” Added Steve Kipande.

Steve Kipande revealed that he had leased his fully-fledged Grip Music N Pictures studios to a new management and will now be venturing into new endeavors.

He also confirmed that he had officially retired from the music and film industries.

An old photo of Daddi Q and the late Mighty King Kong. Photo: Steve Kipande/Facebook.

Kipande confirmed that he will now work hard to ensure his popular son Marsh Mashavu focuses with education so that he becomes a pilot and other profession in future.

“Studio iko under lease ya new management mimi nisha retire kuchase new venture, Mwanangu mwacheni asome awe pilot panapo majaaliwa atakaeniuliza story za mziki na films utajizungumzisha mwenyewe inbox mpaka uchoke, im very sober kama munavyojua situmii uraibu wowote isipokua fanta orange Mungu awabariki sana asanteni” wrote Steve Kipande.

News of Steve Kipande and Marsh Mashavu’s exit from music and film caught many people by surprise.

It should be noted both Steve Kipande and Marsh Mashavu have been doing well in the industry over the past few years.

The two have not only won a number of local and International awards but also made countless big moves including mouth-watering endorsement deals and what have you.

Just recently, YEIYO.com reported how Kipande’s son Marsh Mashavu won hearts following his thrilling performance at the Eastern Talanta Awards.

At only 11, the fast-rising Kenyan artiste confirmed that he had all it takes to take over the music industry and push it to even greater heights.

Marsh Mashavu during his performance at the Eastern Talanta Awards gala. Photo: Steve Kipande/Facebook.

The aforementioned came to life as he hit the stage for a mother of all performances at the just concluded Eastern Talanta Awards gala.

The ETA gala was held on Saturday, September 2, and saw the attendance of top entertainers in Kenya.

Marsh Mashavu attended the ETA gala as a guest and performer but turned the tables around, winning the night as the most-talked-about public figure during and even after the awards gala.

Marsh Mashavu hit the stage for his set like the star he is and killed the show with a thrilling performance that left attendees begging for more.

Marsh Mashavu is the youngest rapper in Kenya. Photo: Steve Kipande/Facebook.

The energetic Marsh Mashavu brought the house down as he performed some of his popular
hit songs including Dogo Toka Grip, which has been causing ripples in the airwaves for about a year now.

Photos and videos of Marsh Mashavu killing the show during the ETA gala went viral online and attracted the attention of countless Kenyans who thronged various social media platforms to laud him and his management, Grip Music N Pictures Limited.

Many people who commented on Marsh Mashavu’s performance at the ETA gala could not help but note how talented, confident and hyped the young rapper is.

However, Marsh Mashavu’s stellar performance at the ETA gala did not come quite as a surprise to many since he has over time shown his capability both in the studio and on stage.

It should be noted that Marsh Mashavu is the youngest Kenyan rapper who has won the hearts of many music lovers and enthusiasts not only in Kenya but also the entire world.

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