• President William Ruto urged Kenyans not to worry about his health as he is fine and as healthy as it can get

• Ruto disclosed that he gained a lot of weight during the campaigns and elections period

• The President held that he decided to cut down his weight because he has a challenging task of delivering to Kenyans ahead

For some time now, Kenyans on social media have been concerned about President William Ruto’s sudden and extreme weight-loss.

Quite a number concluded the President may be ailing.

However, William Ruto recently put the speculations to rest after explaining why he seems leaner nowadays.

President William Ruto urged Kenyans not to worry about his health because he is healthy as it gets. Photo: Standard.

Ruto while responding to a question by KTN’s Eric Latif disclosed that he gain a lot of weight during the campaign period since he was not exercising enough.

According to Ruto, he was under a lot of pressure during the election period and took it out on food and he did not have enough time to hit the gym.

Well, the President held that he finally decided to cut down on his weight owing to the fact that he has a major task to deliver to Kenyans.

The President insisted that his weight loss was intentional and that Kenyans should not worry about his health.

“We went into elections and when you have elections you have a lot of pressure and sometimes you take it out on food and you don’t have time to go and exercise. I decided to cut it down because Kibarua niko nayo sio kidogo,” William Ruto said.

William Ruto hanged out with Raila Odinga over the weekend. Photo: UGC.

Just recently, William Ruto and Raila Odinga excited Kenyans after they were spotted enjoying sporting activities at a Kenyan stadium.

The two were captured shaking hands, talking, cracking jokes and laughing together like good friends.

Following the photos, Kenyans lauded the two leaders and urged fellow Kenyans to emulate them.

Many insisted that politicians are friends and will forever love each other, therefore Kenyans should not hate each other due to their different political standings and ideologies.

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