• Hassan Joho shared photos of himself rocking a plain Yellow T-shirt on Instagram

• Propagandists picked the photo and attached a UDA logo on Joho’s T-shirt to insinuate the former governor had jumped ship

Former Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho recently sparked a heated debate on social media after stepping out rocking a Yellow T-shirt, similar to UDA campaign merchandise.

Being a dapper personality, Hassan Joho posted a photo of himself in a nice fitting and plain Yellow T-shirt during his hang out with one of his political buddies Taufiq Balala.

Well, Joho’s T-shirt was plain but due to political reasons, some people doctored the image and attached a UDA logo to insinuate that he had jumped ship from Azimio to Kenya Kwanza.

Propagandists attached UDA logo on Hassan Joho’s plain Yellow T-shirt. Photo: UGC.

The propagandists who shared the doctored image widely wanted to confuse Kenyans by selling the narrative that Joho had ditched ODM for UDA.

A section of Kenyans bought the propaganda and celebrated on end, believing that indeed Joho has shifted camps.

However, a quick online research by YEIYO.com disclosed that the image was manipulated in a bid to mislead the masses.

The former Mombasa Governor had actually rocked a plain Yellow T-shirt but UDA’s die-hard fans found ways to edit the image and attach their party’s logo on Joho’s Tee.

Joho in his unedited T-shirt. Photo: Hassan Joho/Instagram.

At first, quite a throng of Kenyans on social media bought the fake ploy by UDA’s propagandists and were irked by the same.

However, many later realised the image was doctored and duly took to different social media platforms to blast UDA fanatics for pulling cheap political moves to discredit Joho, ODM and Azimio.

YEIYO.com can authoritatively confirm that Hassan Joho is still in Azimio and the photo was nothing but a manipulative move to cause mayhem on social media.

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