• DJ Pierra Makena was among entertainers who thrilled fans at the WRC Hustla Village afterparty in Naivasha

• The deejay stepped out in an outfit that exposed much of her skin as she hit the stage

• Netizens wondered why and how a whole mother can dress like that in public

Sensational Kenyan disc jockey, DJ Pierra Makena has left jaws on the floor after stepping out in a not-so-pleasing outfit during her recent performance in Naivasha.

Pierra, known for her raunchy dressing almost broke the internet after sharing photos and videos of herself on stage as she thrilled revelers at the 2023 WRC Afterparty courtesy of the Talanta Hela Initiative.

YEIYO.com understands, the mother of one was among the performers at the WRC Hustla Village afterparty stage that went down on Sunday, June 25.

Like the star she is, DJ Pierra ensured her turntable skills and her general image as a celebrity were on point.

To achieve the aforementioned, the deejay rocked a pair of Blue overalls to cover the bikini she had worn inside.

Well, her look could have been intriguing if she had closed her overalls but in a bid to add flavour to her look(lumbutuku), Makena hit the stage with her overalls open, clearly exposing the screaming pink bikini she had donned.

Judging by the excitement exhibited by her audience, it is clear many Kenyans loved her deejay set.

However, a section of Kenyans, mostly drawn from social media did not find DJ Pierra Makena’s outfit pleasing to their eyes.

DJ Pierra Makena’s critics thronged different social media platforms to condemned her for exposing too much of her skin, a move they found offensive, coming from a responsible mother of one.

Quite a number of netizens insisted there were many looks she could have pulled during her performance instead of the one she embraced and amplified as she hit the stage for her set.

This, however, did not come as a surprise to many social media users since DJ Pierra Makena is known for her open mindedness when it comes to her dress code.

Going through the female deejay’s social media pages, one can clearly see how much she loves to experiment with different looks.

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