• DJ Evolve disclosed on Thursday, April 20, that he can now speak thanks to an 8 hour long surgery he underwent recently

• The deejay had been on his sick bed for many months after he was shot by MP Babu Owino at a Nairobi club

• DJ Evolve said he never thought he would be able to talk after the shooting

Ailing Kenyan Deejay, Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve has regain his ability to speak after many months of suffering.

Yeiyo.com has learnt that DJ Evolve underwent a surgery on March 6, 2023, which changes his life for the worst.

The surgery left him with serious damages that interfered with his speech and left part of his body paralysed.

However, the gods smiled on him and he was finally able to speak for the first time following yet another surgery.

The latest revelation was made by DJ Evolve himself during an interview with The Star on Thursday, April 20.

During the interview, DJ Evolve disclosed that he never thought he would be able to finally speak.

“I had to cancel my much-awaited comeback’ to deejay life and try a few mixes because the surgery was a day before. However, after eight hours he could hear his voice,” DJ Evolve said.

According to DJ Evolve, he had to spend two days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and was moved to the general ward for a week for recovery.

DJ Evolve said that the first words he uttered were his name.

“I was really surprised when I spoke my first words because I was doubting. My first words were my name. Actually after surgery the doctor came and asked what my name was and I wasn’t even sure If I could speak,” DJ Evolve added.

DJ Evolve said that he was very happy and he could clearly hear the excitement when he talked to his family and friends.

It should be noted that DJ Evolve’s initial quandaries came after a shooting incident at a Nairobi wet hot, when Embakasi East MP Babu Owino shot him.

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