• Harmonize recently ambushed Ali Kiba during an interview and the two hugged like long time best friends

• The affection between Ali Kiba and Harmonize sent shivers down the sound of countless Diamond Platnumz’s fans and supporters

For the longest time now, there have been heated debates on who is the King of Bongo flava, with singers Diamond Platnumz, Ali Kiba and Harmonize battling it out for the crown.

Well, even with the musical wars, Diamond Platnumz has always emerged victorious owing to his countless wins in the international music arena.

Diamond Platnumz’s many wins have always left Ali Kiba and Harmonize fighting for the second spot.

Harmonize, Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba have been fighting for the King of Bongo Flava tittle. Photo: Dizzim Online.

However, things may soon change if only Ali Kiba and Harmonize’s new found friendship is anything to go by.

Harmonize and Ali Kiba recently proved to the world that they love each other to the core and can work together.

The strong friendship and possible partnership to bring Diamond Platnumz down from the throne came to life recently after Kiba and Harmonize met in Zanzibar during a show that they were both part of.

Harmonize and Ali Kiba stunned many people when they bumped into each other in Zanzibar. Photo: Millard Ayo TV/YouTube.
Ali Kiba and Harmonize hugged like long time best friends. Photo: Millard Ayo TV/YouTube.

Harmonize could not contain his joy and excitement when he bumped into Ali Kiba backstage while being interview by a Millard Ayo TV’s presenter.

Unexpectedly, Harmonize disrupted the interview by passionately hugging Ali Kiba in front of glaring and flashing camera in a move that left many jaws on the floor.

The two musicians exchanged pleasantries like long time buddies before Harmonize fled the scene, leaving Ali Kiba behind to continue with his interview.

Asked about how he felt about Harmonize impressive way of showing his affection towards him, Ali Kiba confirmed that he hates no one and feels really good whenever younger musicians who look up to him appreciate his talent and give him his flowers while he is still alive.

Harmonize and Ali Kiba’s open show of unity sent fear to Diamond Platnumz’s camp who wanted to know what the two we’re cooking behind the scenes.

Music enthusiasts and analysts who took to social media following the incident noted that Diamond Platnumz can easily kiss the throne goodbye if Harmonize and Ali Kiba decide to join forces.

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