• Dedan Juma disclosed THRK actors used to be paid KSh 7,000 per episode

• He revealed THRK actors, famous or not were all paid KSh 28,000 per month for four episode

The Kenyan film and TV industry has come a very long way.

A couple of years ago, many big time actors used to earn peanuts despite their fame and social status.

However, things have changed a lot and today many actors are proud to dispense their duties in the industry thanks to improved renumeration for their different roles.

Dedan Juma said actors used to be paid poorly but now things have changed. Photo: Dedan Juma/Instagram.

The previous “rot” in the industry was recently made public by Pepeta actor Dedan Juma alias Zeze during an online interview with a Kenyan podcast.

Speaking during a candid interview with Kam Tubonge podcast, Dedan Juma narrated how he has come a long way and persevered a lot to become the household name he is today.

The actor who spoke about his stint on the popular The Real Househelps Of Kawangware disclosed that they used to be paid peanuts a couple of years ago but things have now changed.

The Real Househelps of Kawangware was one of the most popular shows in Kenya. Photo: UGC.

According to Dedan Juma, all TRHK casts used to earn about KSh 28,000 per month for their different roles on the show.

Dedan Juma revealed that TRHK casts used be be paid about KSh 7,000 per episode, which accumulated to KSh 28,000 per month.

It should be noted TRHK used to air once weekly.

“We used to be paid about KSh 7,000 per episode and that would come to KSh 28,000 per month. And that is if your scenes made it to the final episodes that will be aired. People had big names and were famous but we were all being paid that amount, even the likes of Njugush. But now things have changed.” Dedan revealed.

Dedan Juma made the revelation during an interview with Kam Tubonge. Photo: Dedan Juma/Instagram.

His revelation shocked many netizens who believed TRHK used to earn a lot of money.

Quite a multitude admitted that indeed the amount was so little considering the popularity of the show and their individual brands.

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