• Liz Jahsolja started the fight by claiming Dazlah has been trying to make a comeback in vain

• Dazlah Kiduche hit back by wondering why some people are still focused with their ex lovers’ lives

• Dazlah and Liz dated about five years ago but parted ways after about three years of dating

Shirko Media signee Dazlah Kiduche and his ex lover Liz Jahsolja have decided to air their dirty linen in public by throwing shade at each other on social media.

The two who were lovers a couple of years ago caught many by surprise with their social media catfight.

The whole melee was started by Liz Jahsolja who hit Dazlah below the belt with a mean Facebook post.

Liz Jahsolja claimed Dazlah fell because of pride and ego. Photo: Pwani Usanii.

Through her post, Liz Jahsolja generally claimed a number of artistes dropped and have been trying to make a comeback in vain.

According to Liz, most fell because of ego and pride.

The Dubai-based Kenyan lady did not mentioned her ex lover Dazlah Kiduche but netizens outrightly concluded the latter was her target.

“Once you are on top musically, then ego and pride becomes your middle name, usishuke, bouncing back is history. Ask the legend. I always tell Masauti asiwahi kaa akarelax, he should continue without looking back. Naona Wasanii wanapata taabu kungangana wabounce back but wapi. You need God’s intervention and a strong, financially able team for you to bounce back na it won’t be the same” Liz Jahsolja wrote.

Liz Jahsolja’s post targeted her ex lover Dazlah Kiduche. Photo: Liz Jahsolja/Facebook.

Liz Jahsolja’s post got to Dazlah who did not hesitate to hit back with an indirect attack.

In a quick rejoinder, Dazlah jokingly made a post mocking Liz Jahsolja.

The musician who is currently riding high with his new song Waruwaru wondered why some ex lovers are still busy following up on the lives of subjects despite having parted ways years ago.

“Kama bado Ex wako anakufaatilia weka emoji ya kucheka 😂😂😂 Niko nimetulia Waruwaru video nikifurahia. Kumekuchaaa!!!” Dazlah hit back.

Dazlah Kiduche wondered why Liz was still up on his business. Photo: Dazlah Kiduche/Facebook.

It is important to note that Dazlah and Liz Jahsolja broke up about 5 years ago after dating for almost 3 years.

Then, Liz even played the role of Dazlah’s manager and even sponsored some of his projects.

However, their breakup happened and both parties walked their separate ways.

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