• AI creators held the technology has a lot of advantages and can help many people and companies

• They also noted that if not well regulates through government intervention, it will cause more harm than good

AI technicians across the globe are seeking different government interventions to slow down the development of the fastest-growing technology.

Yeiyo.com has learnt countless creators of AI Technology are having second thoughts about the invention.

According to most of them, AI Technology is moving too fast and the side effect is becoming counter productive to human beings with Job losses mentioned as the main issue.

AI technology promises a lot of advantages to the human race. Photo: UGC.

The AI creators’ concern came to play after it emerged a British biggest Telecom company is in the process of laying off over 55,000 employees owing to the introduction of the AI Technology.

It is important to note that the majority of those jobs will be taken by AI.

Another worrying concern is the fact that most superpower countries, real and wannabes are trying to outdo each other with war technology.

If not well regulates, the AI technology can cause more harm than good. Photo: Shutterstock.

In short, the human is almost outdoing itself matters technology by creating robots that are becoming almost uncontrollable and may cause more harm than good if not well regulates.

Confusion has been arising because of creative human beings who have been trying to create a techno human (AI technology).

This begs the question, Is God confusing man again for trying to imitate him?

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