Comedian Adhis Jojo admits scamming mubaba KSh 700k, refuses to refund


• A Kisumu-based journalist had earlier accused Adhis Jojo of eating his KSh 700k

• Adhis disclosed the man was his liver and spent the money on her willingly

Churchill Show comedienne Adhis Jojo has finally admitted to “eating” her elderly ex-lover’s money.

Adhis Jojo blatantly admitted “fleecing” her ex-lover, Kisumu-based scribe, Collins Jaringa’s KSh 700,000 and noted that she is not ashamed of it.

According to Adhis, they were dating and the man spoiled her with money, gifts and other goodies amounting to KSh 700k.

Adhis Jojo confirmed receiving KSh 700k from her ex lover. Photo: Adhis Jojo/Instagram.

Speaking during a phone interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, the witty lady said there was no reason for Jaringa to make noise online over the KSh 700k and an iPhone worth KSh 170k he blessed her with.

Adhis confirmed they were dating but she dumped him, in a move that got him in his feels.

The comedienne held that other men have spent millions on their ex-lovers but never ranted upon their breakups.

In her own words, the ex-lover Jarimba was just bitter following the breakup and had refused to move on.

“It is true I ate the money. Kukula aje? Sikukula pesa ya mtu. Kama unadate na mtu and he spends on you, how is that kukula pesa ya mtu. Sasa KSh 700k and iPhone ya KSh 170k Ni kitu mwanaume kwa kijaluo can cry for. What is KSh 700k. He should move on. I am the one who dumped him. I am the one who dumps people. Ukiwachwa wachika. If he wants to come for it akujie. Who does that? Who goes online because of money they spent on their women. Men buy their women houses worth KSh 3.5 million and they are not making noise.” Adhis Jojo disclosed.

Jojo’s revelation comes barely days after Collins Jaringa, through TikTok accused the comedian of scamming her.

Through his TikTok video, Jaringa promised to do whatever in his power to ensure Jojo pays up whatever she owes him.

Initially, Kenyans thought Jojo and Jaringa were chasing clout with the story but the latter’s confirmation just proved it was true she “ate fare”.

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