• According to the source, who is a police officer, Chapatizo was spotted fighting over a lady of the night

• The musician distanced himself from the allegations holding that it has been a minute since he last set foot in Nyali, where the incident is said to have occurred

• Chapatizo disclosed that he is a happily married man who can never be entangled in such scandals

Revered Mombasa-based music producer, musician and emcee Chapatizo has stumbled upon an unexpected scandal involving women.

The music producer who is currently making waves with his emceeing side is said to have been spotted fighting with a fellow man over a woman at a night club.

According to a source who shared the information with Radio 47’s Billy Miya and Mbaruk Mwalimu, Chapatizo was captured on camera fighting over a woman believed to be a lady of the night.

Chapatizo is said to have been spotted fighting with another man over a prostitute. Photo: Chapatizo Kenya/Facebook.

The incident which occured at a wet hole located at the Nyali City Mall unfolded in the wee hours of Saturday night.

Yeiyo.com has learnt Chapatizo was captured on camera by the source who broke the news to Billy and Mbaruk.

However, Chapatizo strongly denied the claims when Billy Miya and Mbaruk Mwalimu reached out to him for his side of the story during their Maskani Show which airs on Radio 47.

The celebrity distanced himself from the allegations holding that he is a married man and can never fight for women in clubs as he is a family man.

He insisted that he is not the man captured in the said video.

According to Chapatizo, his female fans and other women respect him and know that he is married, therefore he can never be entangled in such kind of scandals.

Chapatizo denied the allegations insisting that he is a married man. Photo: Chapatizo Kenya/Facebook.

“That was not me. I don’t even go out a lot nowadays. I am a family man and most people know I am married therefore I can never do such things. In fact it has been long since I set foot in Nyali,” Chapatizo cleared the air.

Chapatizo is one of Coast Music’s gatekeepers who has helped shaped the industry over the years.

He has produced music for big names such as Susumila, Nyota Ndogo, Majemedari just to mention but a few.

The former Greenhouse Records producer has in the recent past been trading as an event emcee, making a name for himself back in Mombasa.

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